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Andréa Balt
Writer, Creative Troublemaker, Communication Warrior, Life Alchemist
Writer, Creative Troublemaker, Communication Warrior, Life Alchemist


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Don’t apologize for being too much or for feeling things deeply, for wanting to change yourself, and then lives, and then maybe the world, through your gifts, dreams, ideas, as crazy, as mad, as impossible as they seem to those who cannot understand.

Apologize ONLY for the times you agree with your fear and want to give up.

The world needs more creative middle fingers and less polite I’m-sorry’s, more art and less apologies, more wild and less tame, more jumping from the highest cliff and less fear of falling or flying, more trusting your own gut and less bullshit excuses for living.


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I wish instead of reading post-factum Suicide Notes, we wrote each other pre-dawn Unsuicide Letters more often.

I wish instead of Hi or Fine or How Are You, I’d told the truth, she’d told the truth, we’d all just tell the real, fucking truth about our lives — not feeling less for feeling deeply, sad or empty, not hiding just because we hurt, holding our ache up high like prayer flags, instead of shaming it with scarlet letters...

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When you answer your hero’s call to redesign your life, don’t expect to be protected by the familiar — there’s no insurance that can cover all the wonder you are capable of making. Don’t expect your usual safety net to reassure or catch you.

It won’t because it can’t. You’re on your own. And that’s exactly where you must be to evolve.

You need to be pushed out of your comfort zone, and venture in the no-man’s-land between the Now and Not Yet; you need to meet your higher self in the desert of who you no longer are & through the storm of Who you’re trying to become; you need to let creativity build you a net on the way down. And trust that it will.


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Up for a week of Art & Adventure, Yoga & Writing, Creativity, Wellness, Community, Delicious Food & Culture in one of the most beautiful places on the planet? 

Join me on the first Creative Rehab Adventure in Bali, March 16-22 & let's co-create some serious magic in 2016. Read all about it on & catch the juicy early bird discount of up to 20% off if you sign up by December 9. Bam, boom, zing!

Come away with me!

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Does god pray to us?

Dear Humans, it’s me, God… First time I pray to you. Forgive me if I sound like a beginner.

The thing is, humans, I can’t save you…

I’m not sure where you got this idea — is it from Politics? — and why you keep repeating it like a broken record, trying to seduce, convince, force or bully others into following your path and call it Mine.

Before this mess got out of hands, the idea was for You to become the living miracles through which creative alchemy takes place, pick up your cross and carry it, pick up your life and change it, pick up you truth and live it, save yourselves.

The idea wasn’t that you try to change the world to fit your paradigm, but that you change and free yourself to fit Love’s paradigm and let the life in you bring life to others. How badly you’ve misunderstood my metaphors!

Most urgent matter here: Stop killing, hating, judging in my name and persecuting people for the color of their skin, their nationality or the way they make love.

Are you insane, humanity? Have you gone mad, religion? I never asked for segregation, holy wars and sexual repression. All I’ve ever shown you, in every culture, creed and era, through every saint, sinner and prophet is to LOVE yourself first and LOVE the world equally. What is so difficult to understand about these two commandments?

Whenever you’re in doubt, go learn from animals and children, watch them perform all kinds of daily miracles based on these simple thoughts the universe spins on. They know the truth and they don’t even know they know. With all you claim to know, why don’t you know?


The Lord’s Prayer — A Sunday Sermon… Read the rest here:

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That I regret all the chances not taken, the beauty not shown, the passion not chased, the heart not invested, the dreams not believed in, enough. That I’m still trying to forgive myself for all the calls my fear didn’t let me answer.

That I am capable of loving deeper, living truer, working smarter, playing harder… And all I need is moments, and every breath is chance, and every day is us. And we are one more shot. 


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Our mind can be our greatest ally and our bloodiest foe. Our lawyer and our prosecutor. Our Heaven & our Hell. But to become the Masters of our Fate, and the Creative CEO’s of our Lives, we must first master this tiny little troublemaking mind.

Here are 3 of the top most powerful excuses that, in my opinion as an Excuse Addict in Recovery, will ruin your Creative Life…AND HOW TO KEEP YOUR FEAR FROM MANIPULATING YOU.

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Don't let them tame you, you were raised by wolves. Leave claw marks & a trace of wild on every mirror of the world. Let darkness be your moonlight. And let your silence turn to howling. 

A thrilling & creative 5-step DIY to change the world: TIP: Start with You... NOW.

#creativewriting   #creativerehab   #creativity   #postitfoward   #postitandrun  

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Your desires are not random. They’re the map your feet should follow. Your passion is no joke, it’s your most serious affair. Whatever the pain, a greater gain is coming. TRUST ME.

P.S. Do not attempt unless willing to sacrifice all that you thought you were for everything you're willing to become. 

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To the all the things & people we lost in the fire
so we could learn how to dance in the rain. 
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