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Jeremy Watcher (NGL)
Now, witness the social media power of this fully circled and operational Google Apps Google+ account!
Now, witness the social media power of this fully circled and operational Google Apps Google+ account!

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Un nouvel épisode de Mega Man !
Avec les boss de Street Fighter !
Gratuit ! ... C'est déjà Noël !
If you've ever been a 'Mega Man' and/or 'Street Fighter' fan, Capcom is celebrating the two series' anniversaries by offering a free crossover PC game: Street Fighter X Mega Man.

The game is an all-new 8-bit style Mega Man adventure with Street Fighter characters for bosses that started as a fan-made project before getting Capcom on board for the extra polish. 

Grab it here:

Wave lovers, here are some Google+ Pages you might like:

+Wave Watchers for Wave related news
+Wave-France for those who speak French

+Wave Extensions Gallery open source project to index Gadgets to learn about the product new features
+co-meeting in English or +co-meeting_JP in Japanese

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Print feature in 
It doesn't print authors and timestamps (yet?) but that's already a nice way to backup (by printing as PDF) an important wave.
Guys, now if you want to print the topic you can do it whenever you want! The standard magic keys for it — cmd+p or ctrl+p.

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Among other updates (easier file attachment ; better email notifications ; improved unread comments count ; addition of a "startup guide" ; ability to join a "demo group" ; etc...) +co-meeting now allows to create Public groups that anyone can join (or request to join) by following an URL.

#GoogleWave #WaveRevival #CoMeeting

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#France : Les vols en apesanteur s’ouvrent au grand public !

Prévoir ~ 6 000 €, quelques mois d'attente et une visite médicale.
Décollage depuis Bordeaux-Mérignac ou Paris Le Bourget.

Les vols de découverte de l'apesanteur, à bord de l' Airbus A300 ZERO-G de Novespace, habituellement réservé aux astronautes et aux agences spatiales, sont désormais accessibles à tous.

• L'annonce de l'+European Space Agency, ESA ►

• Le communiqué de presse de #Novespace

• Le site dédié de #airZeroG

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A geochemistry rover the size of a car is about to land on #Mars. Don't miss it!
#NASA's  #Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory #MSL Rover, the most advanced robot ever sent to another world, will be landing on the surface of #Mars in a little more than 20 hours! The signal confirming safe landing should reach Earth at 05:31 a.m. UTC/GMT on Aug. 6.

For the official links to follow the event, including several live video feeds, check out (and scroll down) the description of the dedicated +NASA event page:

For a +Google+ version of the landing, tune in to the pre-party +SETI Institute Hangout On Air: followed by the live during landing +Universe Today Hangout On Air:

Go Curiosity!

#MarsHangout   #MarsCuriosity   #MarsRover   #MarsLanding  

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2001: The Making of a Myth
A great documentary about the "2001: A Space Odyssey" masterpiece.

/via +Colin Wernham 

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Ni no Kuni: a Studio Ghibli / Namco #RPG that looks terrific!

Another vid: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Official E3 2012 Trailer

Playstation blog:

/via +Andrew Hyatt 

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The ultimate DIY toy: A flying LEGO bike / Quadrocopter hybrid!
I wrote and erased ten different things about this... finally I settled on:

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