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Quizzes are being added to the Nuxeo University videos so that you can test your understanding. A first batch is now ready:

REST API - Basics:!/course/working-with-nuxeo-platform-rest-api/discovering-rest-api
REST API - Content Enrichers:!/course/working-with-nuxeo-platform-rest-api/using-content-enrichers
REST API - Importing Files:!/course/working-with-nuxeo-platform-rest-api/importing-files-rest-api

On Nuxeo Platform basics
Navigating in the Web UI:!/course/using-nuxeo-platform/navigating-web-ui
Understanding the Document Concept:!/course/using-nuxeo-platform/understanding-document-concept

On Nuxeo Studio
What is Nuxeo Studio:!/course/getting-started-nuxeo-studio/what-is-nuxeo-studio
Branding Your Application:!/course/getting-started-nuxeo-studio/branding-your-application
Adding Buttons and Links:!/course/applying-business-logic/adding-buttons-and-links
Your First Automation Chain:!/course/applying-business-logic/building-your-first-automation-chain
Automation Scripting:!/course/applying-business-logic/implementing-operation-automation-scripting

The quiz will load automatically once the video ends. Happy testing!

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Continuing with the developer basics course videos: just published a first video explaining how to create and retrieve documents using the Java API.

Next one will be about updating document properties through the Java API, including complex and multivalued properties.

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Happy new year everyone!

To celebrate, we just published a complete video course on Nuxeo University about the workflow engine.

You can now learn in less than 30 minutes how to build a whole workflow. We chose to walk you through an expense report validation workflow containing:
- tasks,
- forms,
- automated decisions (e.g. triggering a manager review depending on the amount),
- and business logic including a lock mechanism, storing the outcome of a review, and changing the document state upon validation.

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Come learn for free about the new features and improvements we brought in Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015!

6 videos are available so far to get you started with:
- Live Connect: To reference dropbox, google drive and other file sync and share services files into Nuxeo Platform.
- Automation Scripting: Build javascript operations to handle advanced business logic easily.
- Data Visualization: Analyse your repository data in real time with custom dashboards, all using standard web technologies.

Three more are coming soon, follow us to be the first informed when they will be released.
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