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Need a new way to use tuna? How about this recipe for tuna cakes.
Recipe: Tuna Cakes
I brought home this huge bag of tuna from the foodbank (they have reams and reams of it and are having a hard time getting rid of it).   So I thought today I'd make up some tuna dishes, so to eat now, some to eat later.  First up: Tuna Cakes.  Hubby request...

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Virtual Refrigerator - Painted Daisies
There's something a little different on my Virtual Fridge this week - something I created! Grab a virtual magnet and share your art posts with us!
#art   #VirtualFridge  

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Getting a new perspective on Science as we teach it in our homeschool.

#Science #homeschool

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Creating A Masterpiece - A Homeschool Coffee Break Review
We reviewed a wonderful online art program from Creating A Masterpiece - stop by and have a look at the masterpieces in our gallery and read our full review!
+Homeschool Review Crew 
#hsreviews   #artinstruction   #homeschoolart   #art  

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Homeschool Highlights - St Patrick's Day
Not quite top o' the mornin' any more, but Happy St Patrick's Day anyway! Come share the highlights of your homeschool week with us!
#HomeschoolHighlights   #homeschool  

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So beautiful - both the artwork/lettering and the Scripture.

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Irish Brigade Monument - Blogging Through the Alphabet
In keeping with the Irish theme that seems popular this week, I'm featuring the monument in Gettysburg that honors the Irish Brigade.
#ABCBlogging   #art   #Irish   #CivilWar  

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Virtual Refrigerator - Peacock Feathers
Grab a virtual magnet and share your art posts on our Virtual Fridge!
#VirtualFridge   #art   #homeschool  

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Do you know what an inukshuk is? If you don't, here's where you find out:
#Canada #inukshuk
Blogging the alphabet letter I is here!   This week we are learning about Igloos and Inukshuks.   

#abcblogging #hsreviews #Canada #inukshuk #igloos  
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