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Using threads to weave everlasting bonds.
Using threads to weave everlasting bonds.

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Happy Ugadi 🙂

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Happy Ugadi 🙂

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We all have a surface tone and an undertone. A dress or piece of make up makes you glow, when that color is in sync with both your surface tone as well as your undertone. Many times a similar shade would totally look wrong on you, when it doesn't compliment your undertone. Hence, choosing a dress,accessories and makeup according to one's undertone is very important.
Undertone plays a key role in choosing what suits you the best.

Why it's important?

With the correct colors both in clothing and cosmetics.
- your skin tone will appear radiant and glowing.
- your eyes will appear brighter and clearer.
- your hair will reflect highlights.

With wrong colors.
- your skin tone will appear tired and worn out.
- your eyes may appear shadowed,dark circles may look prominent.
- with a wrong shade of lipstick teeth will appear with a slight hue of yellow.

Choosing perfect makeup to your undertone is the key. If make up isn't complimenting to the undertone, then the outcome would be a very patchy and rugged appearance ruining the entire look.

When it comes to fashion and beauty, there are few buzzwords prevalent "warm colors" and "cool colors". These terms usually refer to the colors reflecting the undertone of a person.

What colors are warm,cool & neutral?

- warm colors are mostly based on yellows,oranges,browns,yellowish-greens,orangish-reds etc;

- cool colors are mostly based on blues,greens,pinks,purples,blue-green, magenta, bluish-red etc;

- neutral colors (not to be confused with neutral skin tone) are usually white, gray,silver,beige etc;

There are some colors that have attributes of both warm and cool colors like black,brown,mauve,aubergine,burgandy etc;

Surface Tone

Our skin's surface tone is the color one would describe as having ivory,light,medium,tan,dark etc;

Under Tone
Skin's undertone is the color underneath the surface. You can have the same skin color as someone, but a different undertone.

There are 3 types of undertones - Cool, Warm and Neutral.

- Cool can be classified as - pink, red or bluish undertone.

- Warm can be classified as - yellow,peachy,golden undertones.

- Neutral is a mix of warm and cool undertones.

How to determine your undertone.

• Check your veins.
Take a closer look at the veins on the innerside of your waist. Are they blue or green?
If they look more blue, you likely have cool undertone, If they are greenish then you are likely to have a warm undertone.
What worth noting is that your veins aren't actually green - they look like it because you are seeing them through yellow toned skin.

• Jewelry trick.
Think about whether you look in silver or gold jewelry. What makes you look more radiant,glowing and bright.
Generally a person with cool undertone looks better in silver and platinum metals, and warm toned person look better in gold.

• Neutral test
Think about what neutral shades flatter you best. Does your eyes,skin and face look better in bright white and black hues or ivory, off-whites and brown/tan shades? The former means you are probably cool-toned, and the latter warm.

• Eye and hair color
Your natural eye and hair colors can help too; Generally cool-toned people have eyes that are blue,green or gray and have blond,brown or black hair with blue,silver,Violet or ash undertones. Similarly, warm-toned people have brown,amber or hazel eyes with strawberry brown,red,deep brown or jet black hair with gold,red,orange or yellow undertones.

• Sun's effect
When you are in natural sun light, does your skin turn a golden brown? Or does it burn and turn pink first? If it's former then you are warm toned. Cool tones tend to burn. Fair skinned cool tone person will simply burn, while medium-skinned cool-toned person will burn then tan.

• Find which colors look best on you.
There's no denying that certain colors will make you look better regardless of your skin's undertone. Warm toned people should lean towards yellows,oranges,browns,yellowish-greens,ivory,warm reds etc; while cool-toned people should wear blues,greens,pinks,purples,bluish-green,magenta,bluish-red etc;
• Mirror test
Another way to know your undertone is to take a pure white piece of cloth and an off-white piece of cloth. Hold them to your face one at a time. If you look better in white your undertone is warm. If you look washed out in pure white and better in off-white, then you probably have a neutral undertone.

It's a misconception that a pale person can't be warm-toned. In fact, many fair-skinned people have warm undertones and dark skinned women have cool undertones.

Skin tone and undertone are completely different things.

Once you have basic understanding you can then differentiate between a warm pink or a cool pink or a warm green or a cool green.
Warm pink is a peach and cool pink is a purplish pink. Warm green is yellowish-green whereas cool green is bluish-green.

When in doubt pick Navy blue, Olive green, Plum, Black. They suit most people irrespective of skin tone, So have some of these as staples in your wardrobe.

Happy Dressing!!

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We have discussed four body types in our earlier post. Let's discuss the rest four.

5. TOP HOURGLASS BODY- Variation to the traditional hourglass.

• well defined waist.
• bust larger than hips.
• gently rounded shoulders.
• graceful curves.

Key to dress a top hourglass body is to balance lower body with the ample bust while accentuating the waist.

- Narrow V necks.
- Wrap style tops.
- Waist bands.
- Dark colors.
- Pants with embellished pockets.
- Boot cut, flared pants.
- Full or A-line skirts.
- Cargo pants.

6. INVERTED TRIANGLE - It is also known as athletic body type.

• proportionately larger upper body.
• broad shoulders, ample bust, wide back.
• slim hips and flat bottom.
• subtle waist.
• tend to gain weight in tummy and upper body.
• shapely legs.

Key to dress inverted triangle is to balance broad shoulders, chest and back with narrower lower body. Choose clothes that add curves to hips and volume to the bottom while defining the waist.

- Narrow V necks.
- Banding at the waist.
- Wrap tops.
- Dark colored tops.
- Boot cut wide legged pants.
- A-line skirts.
- Gathers at waist.
- Cargo pants.
- Embellished or flap pockets.

7. OVAL BODY- It is also called apple body.

• large bust, narrow hips, full midsection.
• waist is undefined and widest part of the frame.
• full, shorter neck and full face.
• tend to gain weight in tummy, back, upper body.
• Slender legs.
• Flat bottom.

Key to dressing oval body type is to de-emphasize the mid section and create a more defined waist. This is achieved by choosing clothes the add curves and fullness to the lower body and tops that taper the waist.

- Belted waist.
- Square, wide V or U neck.
- Tops with Vertical details.
- Flare at the hips.
- Cargo or Safari pants.
- Embellished and elaborate pockets.
- Full or Wide legged pants.
- Full, tiered or bubble skirts.
- Mid rise waist with wide waist bands.

8. DIAMOND BODY- Rare body type.

• hips are broader than bust and shoulders.
• waist is undefined and widest part of the frame.
• carry some weight in upper legs.
• tend to gain weight in tummy, back, hips and buttocks.
• lower legs are shapely and attractive.
• proportionately slender and shapely arms.

Key to dressing a diamond body is to balance the shoulders and bust with hips while creating a waist. Amazing lower legs and beautiful arms should be highlighted.

- Belted waist.
- Off shoulder, boat neck, wide V or U necks.
- Structured shoulders, Princess or flutter sleeves.
- Embellishments around bust and shoulders.
- Flowy tops.
- Dark colored bottoms.
- Simple pants.
- Lightly gathered or A-line skirts.
- Straight skirts.
- Straight pants.
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knowing one's body type is the first step towards finding that perfect outfit.

There are 8 major female body shapes.

Knowing your body type is the key to find a perfect outfit. Styling entirely depends on hiding the flaws and highlighting the best asset.
1. STRAIGHT BODY- One of the most common body types. It is also called a rectangle body shape.

• hips and bust are balanced
• waist is not well defined
• flat at the bottom
• tend to gain weight at the torso, upper thighs and arms.
• lower legs are shapely.

Key to dress a straight body is to enhance the waist. Adding volume proportionately to upper and lower body is the key.

- Accessories at waist
- Embellished shoulders and bust.
- Off shoulder tops, boat necks, wide V or U necks.
- Flow tops at the bust.
- Flared bottom pants.
- Flowy, tiered or bubble skirts.
- Mid to low rise waist with wide waist bands or belts.

2. PEAR SHAPED BODY- It is also called a triangle body.

• hips are larger than bust.
• nicely defined waist.
• elegant neck and proportionately slim arms and shoulders.
• tend to gain weight at bottom,legs followed by tummy and upper body.
• waist is the best asset.

Key to dress a pear shape is to enhance and add volume to the upper body while emphasising waist and taking prominence away from the lower body and create a balanced hour glass appearance.

- Fitted at waist
- Off shoulder, boat necks, wide V or U necks.
- Bright colors & patterns.
- Embellishments on bust & shoulders.
- Flowy tops that add volume to the bust.
- Darted at waist.
- Padded bra for enhanced effect, with wide neckline.
- Light gathers at waist.
- Straight pants.
- A-line skirts.
- Darker colors.

3. SPOON BODY TYPE - Quite a common body type.

• hips are larger than bust.
• well defined waist
• hips have 'shelf' appearance.
• tend to gain weight in tummy, prone to love-handles.
• may gain weight in upper thighs and upper arms.
• lower legs and arms are shapely.

Key to dressing a spoon body is to draw attention to the upper body while taking away the attention from tummy and hips to create balanced appearance.

- Empire waist.
- Embellishments around the bust.
- Spaghetti tops or strapless to show off shoulders.
- Never add volume to the mid-section.
- Flowy skirts.
- Highlight bust and shoulders.
- Mini skirts.
- Straight pants.
- Solid colors.
- Wide waist bands to camouflage waist.
- A-line skirts.

4. HOURGLASS BODY - Most desired body type.

• bust and hips very well balanced.
• beautifully defined waist.
• gently rounded shoulders which go well with hips.
• upper body is proportionate in length with the legs.

Key to dress an hourglass body is to proportionately dress the top and bottom while accentuating the waist. Balance is the key.

- Belted tops.
- Form fitting.
- Empire waist.
- Wrap style tops.
- High waisted pants and skirts.
- Flared and straight pants.
- Skinny jeans.
- Pants with wide waist band.
- Bold and neutral colors.

To be continued..
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Thank u for all the love ❤
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