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You Are Loved
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Discard Insignificance And Accept You Are Loved.
Discard Insignificance And Accept You Are Loved.

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....New Poem.... On being exactly who you are.

"Maybe I'll permit myself to love the grace given to me."

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What did mewithoutyou's lyric mean to me? "I often wonder if I've already died?" I did. I had died. But being alive after death is the greatest expression against death. An essay on how easily I wandered from my ideal life.

"I often wonder if I've already died. Well, I did die. I know that for a fact. I was sleep-living. But now. Now. I am alive."

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There is no way of knowing every intention. But too much time slips by, and there are many to love. Including yourself. New poem.

"The alien-rational softly grips me tighter"

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A New Poem, on stunning clarity. More poems at

"I am clear of the only things I must know. I am clear of the only things I must feel."

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There was a year I committed to say yes to things and started saying no to fear. It marked me. But have I remembered anything a decade later?

"I said yes to not being afraid. And my dreams finally enlarge themselves."

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Two incredible observations from the book "Mastering Fear" - Fear is good. - We need to reach out to others when we are afraid. So it got me thinking. God wants us to only fear Him but not fear anything else. And He wants us to grow with each other in intimate community.

"We must share our fears with each other. It is literally how we are wired."

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***New Poem*** A fever dream comes and provides clarity by washing away all distractions and leaving only what needs to be left over.

"The fog lifts, the disease dies, and life loudly whispers."

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NEW POEM, on papers and places telling each other nothing about ourselves. More poems at:

"As I want you to not want any of this, I maintain these words are desperately crafted."

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A poem on inner freedom. More poems at "A realization floods over every fiber, It's mark leaving scar tissue of the most beautiful kind."

"Breathing slowly recaptures everything"

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You keep stuffing away your weaknesses. That's because they were diagnosed as weaknesses. They are actually unrefined strengths. And by finally embracing them as unrefined strengths, you're able to work on them, and now share them.

"First I know I am loved as I am, then I have the freedom to change."
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