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I'm a fan of the English language, both discussing it and using it to write about my other passions: off-beat music and Bioware games. I've got a separate blog for each of these fascinations because they don't combine as well as you might think.  I've got a dozen stories going and one of those novels that never seems to actually progress because...squirrel!
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Legbamel Not-Pop

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Records kept with the Federal Aviation Administration show the registration for the Cessna lapsed on Jan. 31; the plane could be grounded while the issue is sorted out.
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... and I haven't heard Trump say anything about his non-USA source of many of the goods manufactured with his name. Not a very good 'leader.'
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Legbamel Not-Pop

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Of all the news I've seen in my feed, this is the only mention of these horrific events.  Why don't people consider this more worthy of reaction than some "shocking new technique" or "10 things you never knew about"?
Two days after a University English lecturer was hacked to death because he was an Atheist.. 
A senior editor on Bangladesh's first LGBT magazine has been hacked to death along with a second person in the capital Dhaka, police say.
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Legbamel Not-Pop

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If I had an exceedingly large living room, I would love one of these.  However, it does look an awful lot like an alarm clock I once had, which would lead me to want bells and a striker on top...
A Repurposed Boeing 737 Engine Cowling Makes a Fantastic… Chair
If you're looking to remodel your home or office with ultimate conversation starting furniture, look no further than the 737 Cowling Chair by Fallen Furniture. The behemoth chair is made from a genuine Boeing 737 engine cowling that sits atop a spun aluminum base in the same orientation you
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Åh! Cool! Jaaa 😊 +Niklas Börsting​
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Legbamel Not-Pop

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What a bizarre story! I had no idea Colombia was experiencing a hippo epidemic.
The late drug baron had a herd of the animals, which are now out of control in Colombia. Just what do you do with 60 hippos?
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Legbamel Not-Pop

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Ooooh, so excited!  I bump into a fair amount of great music on NPR.  Sadly, I'm guessing individual tracks from World Cafe won't be part of this and I know the local show just before it won't.  Still, for interviews and album previews this will be great.
NPR audio embedding: NPR gives us 800,000 reasons to share NPR audio on your site

+NPR has made more than 800,000 pieces of audio available for you to embed on your site.

NPR embeds work like any other embed on the web:

1. Find a story or show or song you love. 

On, you'll now see an embed option nearly everywhere you're able to play audio. The option will say "embed" or show a "<>" icon (the Web's universal embed symbol).

2. Get the embed code. 

Click or tap the embed option, and you'll see a snippet of code. 

3. Copy it.

Copy and paste that snippet into the code of your blog post or elsewhere on the Web. NPR's player will appear when you publish.

Important note:

"You also now can expect embed-ability with almost all audio NPR publishes. For legal reasons, we can't offer embedding of our radio streams, and sometimes we'll need to withhold select NPR Music exclusives. But these exceptions should be few."

NPR blog post:


More marketing news:
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Definitely, +Legbamel Not-Pop; thanks for sharing.
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Legbamel Not-Pop

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Music Posts and Page to be Revamped
Much to my utter disappointment, yesterday Grooveshark closed down and I've lost my BioWare playlists and every embed except YouTube videos. If anyone knows of a comparable service that doesn't make you have an account to listen and allows for embeds, plea...
If you're curious to see what Star Wars: The Old Republic looks like, check my SWTOR photo album on the BioWare social site. I've uploaded dozens of screenshots of my characters and various worlds. Sadly, these are all slated to be nuked at some point in the near future.
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Legbamel Not-Pop

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NOW I want a Trump sign...
"I'll be doin' me votin' at the barrrrrrrrrrrr."
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How appropriate would that be to the candidate, as well?  :D
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Legbamel Not-Pop

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I'm helping a friend look into accepting credit card payments for membership and event registration for their non-profit. The cards would be exclusively processed via their web site, not in person at the events.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive and simple processor for use on a WordPress site? Do Amazon, Google, and PayPal scream "unproffessional" or just "noob web design"?
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Legbamel Not-Pop

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Dear Internet:
You are wonderful and I will have horrible dreams tonight.  Science fiction done as bad product demo videos?  Well played.
OMGOMGOMG! So cool and yet so horrifying!
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Legbamel Not-Pop

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The Mako's Back, Baby!
Despite whatever else might be going on with Mass Effect, regardless of any feelings left about ME:3, no matter what else may have happened in the past five years surrounding the ME franchise, I’m buying Mass Effect: Andromeda. How do I know, after a single...
Curious about Star Wars: The Old Republic? Get a free 7-day subscription and some in-game rewards through my referral link! (Full disclosure: I get goodies, too.) If you're curious to see what Star Wars: The Old Republic looks like, check my SWTOR photo album on the old BioWare social site.
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Legbamel Not-Pop

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Here's my smile-maker for the day...
OMG, Old Men Grooving. The coolest men on BGT.
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Legbamel Not-Pop

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Swingin' Saturday: The Swing of Things, Chapter 14
Stormy Weather Thankfully, Captain Anderson proved to be as anxious to confront the ambassador as his trumpet player. Kaidan got a reply while he was still assembling his meal. Having a deadline settled his stomach further. By the time he’d finished eatin...
If you're curious to see what Star Wars: The Old Republic looks like, check my SWTOR photo album on the BioWare social site. I've uploaded dozens of screenshots of my characters and various worlds. Sadly, these are all slated to be nuked at some point in the near future.
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