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Musée de l'Armée, my second visit to the museum. Musée de l'Armée, moja druga wizyta w muzeum.
Hello, I'm back from my holiday. This time we have been in Paris again and  I got the day for myself only. When you have such a day, in my case it is obligatory visit to the museum and when you are in Paris, it is obviously famous  Musée de l'Armée . Howeve...

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Sudan 1884.
Last Thursday was my turn to prepare a game. As we did not used our Sudan collection for a while, it was choise. I created that scenario a while ago and was finally opportunity to try it on table. For the game we used the Black Powder with some my House rul...

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Amazing looking game and amazing collection of models.

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Agnadello 1509.
Last Thursday we all returned to Italian Wars. This time Michael proposed to refight the battle of Agnadello. To give some chances to the Venetian forces, Michael a little modified the army lists. For the game we used the Pike & Shotte rules. W ostatni czwa...

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Germans infantry for 1939. Niemiecka piechota na 1939 rok.
Finally managed to finish my Germans for my Poland 1939 project. I must admit, that it never took me so much time to finally finish painting all those figures. Finally I did it and I can show them to you. All figures come from many manufactures, such as Fir...

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Hail Caesar: Dark Age again.
Last Thursday I was invited by Michael to play Hail Caesar again. He just painted some new figures and wanted to use them on table. I loved the idea and joined the game with my Normans and Vikings. W ostatni czwartek Michael zaproponował byśmy znów zagrali ...

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Testing General Quarters: Post Captain.
Today, the game we had yesterday. Angus proposed the rules, he got from some time and had never played them before. That was the another product from General Quarters , this time for actions in Napoleonic period called Post Captain . Rules are written by L....

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It's look like my summaries of the past year are every next year later and later.  However I finally managed to save some time and here you have: the summary of 2016 and plans for 2017. Wygląda na to, że moje podsumowania roczne są z publikowane z każdym ro...

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North Sea, 1941. Morze Północne, 1941.
Today quick report from our game, we had a week ago. The idea of that game was to play something naval, what we did not played for long period of time. Angus for that occasion bring his 1/600 schnell boats collection. For that game we used the Attack with t...

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Colin's Necromunda Stag Day.
Another blog update. Today, the first event of the year. It was Colin's Jack Stag Day and as the true wargamer, Colin instead spending that day on drinking, dancing etc., he decided to have a game with us. For that purpose Dave O'Brian together with Tim Wat...
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