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I do stuff. You know, on the Internet.
I do stuff. You know, on the Internet.


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Join our inaugural #GenX  Think Tank next week - Tuesday night, 8:30 p.m. Eastern.

Following the success of our Millennial Think Tank, we  decided to tackle stereotyping across the generations. Host: Amy Vernon, speaker, journalist, tech geek and awesome GenXer joins as our host.

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A good question. And though +Jonah Peretti and +Danny Sullivan chortled about it, Peretti was clear that he was saying it doesn't work for Buzzfeed. I think it's also clear that all the recent changes with G+ show that Google is shifting how it's used (especially with Gundotra gone now). 

Anyway, +Paula Allen's piece is well-done, and points out the benefits of G+, which were definitely discussed in different parts of the conference. Though not nearly as much as last year or the year before, I'd note.
What Content Goes Hot on Google+?

In response to +Jonah Peretti's comments in the #SMX  Keynote Conversation with +Danny Sullivan, our +Paula Allen opened the discussion to come up with an answer:

+BuzzFeed hasn't discovered what really works on Google+, so they don't invest in it as a traffic driver. What about you?

Even if you aren't expecting the 1000s of reshares BuzzFeed does, you want a return for your effort. So Peretti's question remains: What is the "core energy" of this network? What types of content are people really hungry for on Google+?

Tagging people mentioned in the post or who we think are integral to this discussion:
+Matt McGee +Amy Vernon +Mark Traphagen +David Amerland


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Interesting changes coming to sharing photos on Google+?

Has anyone else seen this?

#photography #photos

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The #icebucketchallenge  isn't for everyone. I say you shouldn't feel obligated to participate - and that doesn't mean anything bad about you. Your thoughts?

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Being humble is underrated. Really like this. Leaders should give credit where it's due. Via +CEOdotcom

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Can we have the future we want and still maintain a measure of privacy? My thoughts, and my presentation from last night's +IgniteNYC:

#privacy   #technology  

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A different way to look at and think about creativity. by +Meredith Alling on the +General Assembly blog.

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Good stuff from +Tinu Abayomi-Paul. Too many of us get busy and forget to take care of our own business. But it's important to stay on top of it.
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