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What a friggin' pig. Murder a innocent animal while on duty. Someone should mount this murderers disgusting head in a sewer.
Hope the pig goes to jail, loses his job and pension.
A former Boulder, Colorado, police officer shot and killed an elk while on duty so he could mount its head on a wall.
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Before I adopted my dog from here I made I few trips there to try to get the best fit for me and my lifestyle. I saw 2 dogs that I liked but the first few times I was told either they had already been picked out by someone else that day and to pick another one, then another time it was no later than 4:00 pm and I was told it was to late to get one pup I picked I go back again 2 more times and can't find either two dogs so I believe they really got adopted. On my last trip there I see the dog they told me was already being adopted still there...but she still was my second choice but I finally got her....I stop there again a couple weeks later for a different reason and decided to look at the dogs...WHADDA KNOW - MY FIRST CHOICE DOG IS THERE-the volunteer told me that no one ever even tried to adopt her...I really dislike this place....most volunteers are very's the paid city staff that totally suck and treat you badly. While there on one visit some one dropped off a few pups in a box...the woman at the front desk asks me (as I'm saying how adorable they are) if I could pick them up and put them in a cage she pointed to. I asked her why she didn't do it and she just screwed up her face and made some sort sound like 'yuck'...they're full of germs". That's the type of staff there is there...they are just city workers doing a job and some don't even like animals...they get good pay and a pension so they stay. Also on each visit I brought treats for the dogs and someone saw me giving one to a dog and called the supervisor who got enraged with me. I saw dogs laying there obviously in distress and some sick looking and asked if they were going to get help only to be told they couldn't do anything for a certain number of days. It enrages me that ppl refuse to spay and neuter their animals...but overall this place could do a much, much better job by these homeless animals. The city of Chicago could TRY to become a NO KILL city....but saving the animals are the last thing on their minds. To Francisco who put a pic of his pitbull named's ppl like you that dump your so-called beloved animals into a system already busting at its should be ashamed..once u adopt it's for LIFE!
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