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Cabrina McNeil
Life is an adventure and I'm determined to enjoy it!
Life is an adventure and I'm determined to enjoy it!


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We survived the trip home and are now trying to resume normal life

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There's no place like home... but getting there is always an adventure!
My bed! Oh how I missed you! I’m sitting at my kitchen table, looking out my window to
see my cars and my neighborhood. I’m home! It is so surreal. When I close my
eyes I’m still not sure where I am. Our European adventure seems like a distant
dream where I...

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Happy Mothers Day!
11 May 2014 (I wrote this weeks ago, but for obvious reasons, I had to keep this part of our trip a secret, now since its out in the open here are the details) What a spectacular day we have had today. After spending the last few weeks traveling, it has bee...

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My Overnight Stay in a Swiss Hospital
I'm not quite sure how to begin
this entry. I apologize if this is extremely personal, but I’m not sure
how to tell this story without opening up my heart and pouring out what hides
inside. I have always found writing helps me better understand how I’m feel...

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The latest and last big adventure

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My Italian Getaway: Pizza 4 times in 2 days is ok right?
This last week marked another adventure to add to the growing list. Although, this one was a little different than our other travel experiences. Luke and I decided to get away while Mike was working all week. We decided to take an easy 1 1/2 hour flight to ...

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With only 2 weeks left I'm trying to focus on enjoying these last few weeks without focusing on going home

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Enjoying these moments
As a planner, I have often had the predicament of being so
eager about the next phase in life that I fail to fully appreciate the current
chapter I’m in. Right now I can feel myself doing the same thing. We have 2 ½
weeks left on our European adventure and ...

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Our Swiss Mountain Weekend getaway
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