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Aspiring Wordsmith.
Aspiring Wordsmith.

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Bit of a dull photo on a dull day in New Orleans, but there is a marked bump in clarity.This auto-enhance could be really neat, once it gets going and starts working its magic automatically. 

Though I'm realizing now that folks can't see the un-enhanced version. Err... trust me, the original is darker and stuff. 

Oh! Hangouts is cool, been using it all morning. Everyone should get on Hangouts and bury nasty lame old SMS for good.

Loving the new layout, but I'm mostly here to dump photos. I imagine the auto-enhance feature will take some time to sift through my stash though.

Just did a test run with a random batch of pics from Lightroom, and it looks like I need to auto enhance manually at the moment (the global auto enhance setting is on, I checked). The results are... well, they're a bit brighter. But the original pics weren't exactly fundamentally flawed to begin with, I guess. 

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"I didn't understand the details, but I understood what their existence meant, what it meant that certain things could even be possible... What it meant that the laws of reality are potentially fluid (!), or that dimensions could be overlapping, or intersecting, or that in general far more things out to be pluralized and uniformly accompanied by an asterisk."

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"The concept of this gutsy ‘Naval Strength’ gin evolved for good reason. Alcohol and gun powder were originally stored together under lock and key to avoid the potential for the crew getting drunk and having easy access to firearms. This dual storage, however, posed a serious risk, that being if standard-proof alcohol leaked on the gun powder, the powder would fail to ignite. The industrious creation of a 100 proof gin allowed for spillage on the powder without deleterious effects because it contained more alcohol than water."

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This, pretty much.

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