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If compliance and security are a concern, you can set up Cassandra clusters with encryption in mind using SSL while ensuring nodes can still communicate with each other.

Article on Setting Up a Cassandra Cluster With SSL.

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Ported core QBit lib to golang. ... Turns out.. channels are just blocking queues.

Programming "Broke! Why?" Try 100 diff things. Still broke. "What is wrong with me?" Gnaws at you.. Next day.. "IT WORKS. I am a genius!".

Programming is like this: "It is broke. What is wrong with me? Why doesn't it work?" And you try 100 different things. Still does not work. Then you think about it. It bugs you. It gnaws at you. Next day, you figure it out... "IT WORKS. I am a genius!".

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This is an alternative process to the AWS-provided logs agent. The AWS logs agent copies data from on-disk text log files into Cloudwatch.

This utility reads from the systemd journal and sends the data in batches to Cloudwatch.

Post has attachment Getting my golang on... Updated AWS Cloudwatch logging lib that integrates CW and systemd journal.
Added unit tests.
Added cross compile so I can develop/test on my laptop.
Made logging stateless. No more need for a state file.
No more getting out of sync with CloudWatch.
Detects out of sync & recovers.
Fixed error with log messages being too big.
Added ability to include or omit logging fields.
Created docker image and scripts to test on Linux (CentOS7).
Code organization (uses a packages).
Added comprehensive logging which includes debug logging by config.

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Getting the most bang for your buck with AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) for EC2 instance storage. EBS is the virtual hard drives and SSDs for your servers running in the cloud. Amazon EBS volumes are automatically replicated, and it is easy to take snapshots of volumes to back them up in a known state. The replication happens within an availability zone (AZ).

AWS EBS has lots of advantages like reliability, snapshotting, and resizing.

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If you use Amazon CloudWatch to enable EC2 instance metrics, you may have noticed that the instance metrics it reports leaves out useful OS metrics like "how much disk space do I have left". This of course is a great metric to know about so you can learn things like my XYX cluster is running out of disk space and in about four days, there will be hell to pay. You know ops and DevOps sorts of things.

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+Geoffrey Chandler and +Rick Hightower 's talk at JavaOne on Reactive Programming, and async call handling (Promises, all, any, Streams, Circuit Breakers). Work that came out of our experience with High-Speed Reactive Microservices, then implementing async call handling in QBit, and later working with Node ES6 promises. Then returning to our async call handling and streams efforts with fresh eyes.

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Slides from JavaOne talk for High-Speed Reactive Microservices (+Jason Daniel  and +Rick Hightower)
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