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Hey Survivors!
The game is down for planned maintenance. It should be back up within the hour.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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When it was planned, why you don't tell it to the community BEFORE you shut down the game???
Yup. That's part of why I stopped playing.
me too add me as a neighbor.....please
Fix the servers so it doesn't keep reverting to some point in the game yesterday! Thanks for deleting my previous comment that stated the same, sure this one will go as well.
add me; plze"" I play game everyday!!!!
add me up, already collected experience over facebook and trying to restart here again. :)
Hey Zombi Lane : kindly i have problem more than 2 week can u help me this message '' Game is experiencing technical difficulties ''
Thank you for your Kindly replay , I have Adsl 56 k - my Internet Connection Speed Results File Size 150.005 KB Time Elapsed 0.002 seconds tested by McAfee
use Mozilla Firfox10.0.2
dear Mr Владимир Путин : the link u gave me not work ....:-( i make test by McAffe the result .0.002 and today new test by download sped 216 kbbs, upload 67.5 kbbs
add me..... i can help
Anyone been having issues with the game. I keep finding two Zombies that I've killed (Big Guys) keep coming back. Plus I planted a pile of pumkins and close the game off come back later and find two of them have vanished.
Yeah that's what I've had as well. Luckily it hasn't effected any missions I've completed. But it does cost money and game time.

Noticed that it also shut down my sentry gun which I'd paid for as well :/
Seems to be a few issues today with the game.
Its not like the sentry gun and you need help from your Neighbors to build it is it?
Hey, I dont know where to ask this, but i havent played for so long, is there any way of re-starting my game? From level one?
Sorry nope, you need to start with a fresh account.
Is anyone else having problems fixing the house a second time. I just started playing this last weekend and I can't finish the house. I click on it and then it won't let me click anything else in the game unless I refresh it. Is anyone else having that problem?
Hey +Zombie Lane, So I got my cement mixer last night, spent time getting it up and running plus the coins cost and yet this morning its gone. What is up with this game and where do we log faults as there appear to be many..
MAKE A CHOOSE ALL BUTTON!!! It suck that I have to click on all 200 neighbors when I want to send gifts to all of them. thats stinks really. And the worst part is that if I miss one time and click worng I loose all of it and I have to do it all from the beginning. It's way to much work. So make it easyer please!.
I really really really WANT to play MORE Zombie Lane but the only missions left are Increase buliding payouts in downtown and collect 500 shotguns and 500 rifles!!!! Waht happened to ALLL THE MISSIONS?!?! Will there be more missions coming?
Every time i click on my gardening shead to try and finish it my game freezes. I tried to sell it and rebuild it but the new one does the same thing. Help!
Please add me. I will help out as much as possible because I also play City of Wonder. So, If you need someone for either game, please add me. I try to play both everyday. ^.^
i'm stuck with increasing production. where are the new missions?
I need a friend. Zombie Lane I played in Thailand.
no more missions after 'hope V'?
no more missions after 'hope V'?
:D add me please ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ !"""
Add me please, need neighbours who play regular and like to share
ur mom
If you want a railgun, add me as a neighbor
me add ai int~çao mandei convite de amigo
add me if you all playing zombie lane
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add me please i nee bazuka and cement.
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What's next? HOPE V?? Nothing to do after i collect 1500000 coins?
Alex M.
add me , i´m an active player
Mila Go
add me too please!
I am Level 32 and still no Cement Mixer... Is there some Workaround to get it or is the only chance by +Digital Chocolate ? Because I submit a ticket there and don`t get any answer, though I asked 2 times afterwards by mail...
the maintenance is too long. for 2 days i can't play zombie lane.
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