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Episode only available in "glorious and free" Canada.

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Sure is dangerous to be scheduled to testify against Hillary Clinton and her cocaine "vacuum nose," Dixie Mafia husband. Their Dead Body List is booming right now.

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Too dirty to jail yet draining the swamp begins with Hillary and Bill. Psychopaths can't be "healed."

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mike beijingyank commented on a post on Blogger.
Kurt Eichenwald has a few screws loose and is sick. He has epilepsy. He has a dark past.

Kurt's first big break came with his best-selling book "Serpent on the Rock." It was a scathing grossly inaccurate representation of Prudential Bache's Limited Partnerships.

Case in point, Prudential Energy Income Funds.

Kurt began making misstatements about the investment and smeared Prudential badly. Surely, Prudential should have defended themselves from fake news Kurt but didn't.

The Prudential Oil Income funds gathered $1.7 billion dollars. The product was sound and well managed. Why would Prudential walk away from these investments over a few loose canon brokers straying from industry sales ethics? 144,000 investors were in the oil programs, an "American First" investment with the investment going into proven assets under American soil, purchased for an estimated $6 a barrel of oil.

It was explained Prudential motives for dumping the investments were not over any impropriety or flaws with the investment, it was just a business decision.

$6 billion dollars were locked up in long term, Limited Partnership investments. There wasn't a market to liquidate them easily. These investment dollars were locked up for the long haul.

Prudential agreed to pay $100 million in fines, without admitting any wrong doing. When the partnerships were resolved, and fresh cash was distributed, new commissions could be earned greater than the fine.

Kurt created a panic and stampede with his articles by Kurt in the NY Times. Investors panicked. After all, this was the "Grey Lady." They sought lawyers, and thought they were scammed. They were angry at their brokers.

The oil income properties were sold off for a song.

Then bad things began to happen to the Prudential brokers. They were group stalked. Their cars and homes burglarized. They were named in arbitrations. Careers were ruined. Good names were sullied. Marriages were dissolved.

Who was the lucky party to buy the oil producing properties?

"Most energy properties Parker & Parsley hopes to acquire are in Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming and New Mexico. William said his company can operate the properties efficiently because of the parcels' proximity to Parker & Parsley's current production base, centered around West Texas' Permian Basin."
Parker & Parsley to buy $488 million of Prudential-Bache energy properties
Lo and behold,
"The new Permian boom really took hold in 2012, when geoscientists, including those at Scott Sheffield’s Pioneer, fully evaluated how much oil could be recovered in the region. The layers extend from 8,500 feet deep down to about 13,000 feet. “I see the field now becoming the largest in North America and one of the largest in the world,” says Scott Sheffield, with the potential, he says, to produce 100 billion barrels."
The Oil Patch Prince: A Great Tale Of West Texas

100 Billion barrels, that's with a "B," or roughly a cool $4.2 trillion at today's prices.

The lawyers got paid millions. Prudential earned new commissions. The 144,000 Prudential clients ended up holding the bag.

If you missed it you can meet Kurt Eichenwald here.

The real questions are who put him up to writing about Prudential Limited Partnerships? And, whom does he know at Parker & Parsley?
The Prudential investors could have struck it rich, if not for Fake News Kurt.

Screw loose, "It was a joke," Fake News Kurt has a dark past.

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9/11 was an act of psychopaths. Until in prison or dead their mayhem will only escalate. Be afraid. The mass murdering, war criminals walk amongst the innocent.

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He's with her.
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