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Waouhhh tout simplement
The Flower In The Sunset

Some people ask what do I enjoy most about photography, is it getting the right image? Is it getting the perfect set up? Is it understanding what you are doing? In all honesty one of those, for me its the waiting.

I'm a very impatient man, I struggled with art in being able to complete any work until photography came along, more so digital photography because of its turn around. It became strange that photography taught me something, it taught me patience. It taught me that I had to wait when doing landscape photography, I had to wait for that perfect moment when the sun would float at the right point in the sky, when the light that is cast is a gentle warm glow. So while I waited I sat and I watched as the world moved on and I took in what I saw. 

In this image there is a small spiders web, I watched the spider slowly gather its harvest of insects. I watched the light reflect of the petals of the flower and how light and shadow changed its colours. I felt the gentle breeze of the warm summer evening flow across my face and I saw the light change from harsh day to a beautiful golden glow.

Photography has so much to give to the viewer but so much more to the photographer.
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