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"I encourage others to come and see for yourself just how nice Five Star is."
"Found this place via Groupon and decided to give trail riding a go."
"My little girl was in tears."
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Hina Rizvi
a year ago
I had an excellent experience at Five Star Ranch. I have been there on several trail rides and each one has been well organized and very enjoyable. The trail guide was attentive and ensured that we all felt safe and comfortable on the horses from start to finish. Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly. I have been to other ranches and would definitely recommend Five Star to anyone considering a trail ride, or riding in general. It was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait for my next ride!
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a year ago
My daughter has had riding camps there twice so far, and is now taking lessons there as well with one of their awesome groupon deals. I was riding when I was much younger and watching her made me wish I would do it myself so I signed up as well for the classes. I had a lot of riding classes in the past and found this one outstanding. There are a lot of riding teachers that are not so friendly (we bought a riding voucher for another stable a few years back and actually decided not to return do to the unfriendly instructor there plus the horses were really hard to ride.. typical 'school horses'). I haven't really ridden in quite a while (and am around 50 with a few to many lbs) and was a bit nerveous starting joining the class but was pleasantly surprised of the age mix in this class (didn't stick out like a sore thumb). It was a real workout and there was no problem for me taking a break stopping in the middle for a while while the class continued to catch my breath. The instructors where really good explaining everything to the riders, no yelling, more suggesting and with explanations about horse behaviour/safety why things should be done that way. Five star does a lot of different age groups and seam to have horses suitable for all levels of experience. I am looking forward to the next class and after the 10 weeks, hopefully a bit more stamina to keep up for the entire hour of riding. There were some bad reviews from a few years back and I was wondering and asking how they came about, apparently the management has since changed. I can recommend Five Star Ranch and am sure any level rider will have a great experience taking lessons or going on a trail ride.
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Ashley Haynes's profile photo
Ashley Haynes
a year ago
This is a beautiful place with great people and amazing horses! Please read my review, you will get the truth about Five Star Here, and you will know it is a wonderful place! I read the reviews below and find the negative ones a little "overblown". The horses are kept healthy and do not spend much time in the dirt pasture, they are only in there for a day or two while the grass pastures grow back (the piles someone mentions in the fields is because the manure was taken from the rest of the dirt pasture and put in a pile so that no horse had to walk through it, and yes it does get mucky in the rain but so do the fields, it is what rain does.) There are actually 6 grass pastures so I think the horses have more than enough room and variety. Someone said that they were told they were riding a 4 month pregnant horse? Seeing as horses are pregnant for ELEVEN months I think that it was okay to be riding her. The Chocolate labs were beside chickens for probably a week while we built a new pen away from the dogs. The puppies are kept indoors in a puppy proof area with plenty of play space, including trips outside to explore! The other dogs get lots of exercise and love to swim around in the pond and run around on the farm. They are not stuck in their "cage" all day, and the wooden box in their pen is just a lookout bench for them, they sleep in a shed that is filled with comfy bedding and is insulated and waterproof. I think the dogs have fun, just like the horses and people here have fun. All in all Five Star is wonderful, it is unfortunate that the majority of people that like to leave reviews are the negative Nellie's in stead of the many, many people who have had positive experiences. I encourage others to come and see for yourself just how nice Five Star is. Thanks for reading and I hope I have cleared up the confusion!
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alcina yim
2 years ago
Really hard to get them to pick up the phone, but once you got your appointment you will be just fine, the trail is not exactly the best trail of the world, but i guess it was okay, my ride is call bella, she is a really huge but good horse, i'm a first time rider, but i handle her fine, the place is a bit wrack up tho...washroom is....horrible, i suggest you to bring you own toilet paper, over all is not a bad experience, after all i only pay abt$22, since me and my fd are splitting the cost
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Kristoffer Brown's profile photo
Kristoffer Brown
11 months ago
I am very unhappy. I purchased a groupon in the spring. I was told that I could use the groupon for lessons in the fall. Now I find out that you will no longer be offering lessons. No one called me to refund my money. I have called and left messages and no one has called me back. I guess you have no problem taking money from people and provide no service. Thank you for letting me know you were no longer giving lessons. It is now too late to sign up somewhere else. My little girl was in tears
• • •
Sofia L
2 years ago
Found this place via Groupon and decided to give trail riding a go. First off, Yes it is really difficult to get on the phone with someone or get a response via email but be patient there is someone designated to answer your call. We were late about 25 minutes because of traffic but when we arrived at the ranch owner, Gail, greeted us with a smile and brought our horses over. Gail said that the usualy trail ride instructor called in sick and that she would be our guide for the hour. The horses were beautiful and easy to handle (my first time on a horse....ever!) Dispite past reviews the horses looked healthy and happy, there was plenty of hay in the pens & stables were clean. The trail ride itself was great--Gail was so friendly and we talked the whole time. Yes you ride through and around the foresty land of surrounding properties but seriously what do you expect a waterfall or something? We were really impressed by our experience dispite reading other reviews prior to going. Yes they have some issues with communication and such (which I hope they can improve on in the future...maybe phone calls should be directed to someone's cell phone because office hours are only a few days a week) but the ranch itself is well kept and you will have a great time riding. Also, regarless of time of day, if you're trail riding wear bug spray...the mosquitos are brutal.
• • •
Hamish Robertson
2 years ago
Made a booking... drove 87 k's with 11 year old grand-daughter... no-one there to take us on our trail ride. Left our 'phone number with groundskeepers (?) who felt terrible. Telephoned them, hoping for an explanation. No word back. E-mailed them, hoping for an explanation. Nothing. Took our grand-daughter out of school for the day for this "special treat" Luckily, she's a kid with great spirit and attitude. Apparently, unlike 5 star.
Francis Farmer
2 years ago
Five Star Ranch would more accurately be described as One Star Ranch. While this barn works to promote a professional and upscale image, the reality is quite the opposite. From the front of the property it looks well maintained, however once you venture back to the paddocks you will find that the manure piles are in the paddocks with the horses, and the horses are effectively living in paddocks with 6-8 inches of liquid manure. The paddocks are too small, have too many horses, and are not cleaned. During the time I was there, the horses were all underweight. Ribs, hip bones, and spines could easily be seen. These horses continued to be used in the regular lesson, trail, and camp programs. Lessons are advertised as being taught by certified coaches. This is not true. The coaches there have either had their certification lapse, or have never been certified to begin with (which means they have no insurance). Young children and beginners are also often placed on inappropriate horses that are well above their skill level, resulting in dangerous situations. The trails are nothing more than poorly maintained farmer's fields and scrub land. The trail guides are not well trained and do not have a proper respect for safety. Once again, beginner riders are often placed on horses that are not suitable for their skill level. Also, the reviewer below is correct. The two positive reviews are by a Five Star Ranch employee attempting to make their image look better. Which I believe tells you exactly what kind of business they are - they realize there is a problem, but instead of rectifying these issues, they are merely trying to deal with the poor public opinion from their past and current practices.
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