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Thank You
You probably hated me all day You still don’t know me, stupid Your birthday comes only once a year How could I forget? I’m sorry I couldn’t express my heart for all this time I guess I was too shy to say I love you Will you close your eyes? Congratulations,...

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또 그대를 울리네요 tto geudereurullineyo 그대의 예쁜 눈에서 geudeye yeppeun nuneso 눈물이 흘러 내리네요 nunmuri heullo nerineyo 또 우리가 헤어져요 tto uriga heojyoyo 그대의 예쁜 얼굴이 geudeye yeppeun olguri 조금씩 멀어져 가네요 jogeumssing-morojyo ganeyo 난 잘된 일이라고 nan jaldwen irirago 지겨운 사랑이 이젠 끝이라고 jigyo...

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대답은 너니까
My close friend introduced me to a boy, I guess she felt bad for me she told me to meet a boy better than you and to get over you his first impression was good he kind of looked like you But at some point, she completely looked like you he’s saying somethin...

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Where Are You
I have made you cry again Tears are falling from your beautiful eyes We’re breaking up again Your beautiful face Is slowly getting further away I’m thinking it’s for the best This frustrating love is now over Even if I vowed to never think about you again W...

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Movie’s Over
It’s less painful than I thought I go out to play, sleep at the right time, and hear from pretty girls. It’s hardly possible that love doesn’t make me live. It’s totally impossible, impossible. I blanked out you already. I will get out of your mind. Would y...

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In love again
In love with BLOCK B!! HAHA Serious sangat best lagu bb Fav member is P.O and Tae-il Sorang gila2 sorang comel and pendekk Cute lahh,, Time ni aku boleh lahh suka depa tanpa rasa sakit hati,, Sebab depa tidak tahu Just me Haha As fan and idol VIXX tetap di ...

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Pain is sakit .
Memang  salah aku menaruh perasaan dekat dia. But now
no more lahh, I will return to
the way I am macam
sebelum ini,, my life was better before, no more tears ,no more stess, Now the one
that I will love is the one who made me,, And I also
will tumpukan per...

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Mainan Perasaan
Lama dah tak update , walaupun tahu tak ada pun yang akan baca . bismillah, dulu hati ni kosong je bila pikir pasal sekolah,, seminggu a...
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