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Fencing Options
Not much as happened since I posted last. My birthday is on Saturday, I work a double shift that day, and my coworkers are giving me a birthday party on Sunday night. Yippee! Anyways, provided that business ventures and car repairs haven't rendered my bank ...

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Pony Time!!!
Guess which girl was able to see her own horses in person last week?!?!?! This one, of course! Due to previous circumstances, I was able to get almost all of last week off from work and go back to East Texas to spend time with my family and, obviously, the ...

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Something is Missing
I've lived in West Texas for 7.5 months now, but its just now starting to sink in just how much I miss my horse. The first month I was busy finding a job, settling into my new home, and just overall getting everything set up. The next month, I started takin...

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Three Months...
It's been three months, to the day, since my last post here. Sadly, the biggest reason for the absence has been my absence from the horse world in general. <sad face + tears> I gave up my lease on Missy at the end of April after having ridden approximately ...

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I know I've been MIA a bit lately and that will be fixed quite soon. In the meantime, go read this post that I wrote up on my other blog.

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Horse Show Panic
This next Saturday is the first horse show of our season. I'm excited and
nervous all at the same time! This show is going to be at the collegiate
equestrian center, aka the first barn I leased Missy at. Great facility that
I'm already familiar with, so tha...

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University 1.1
Six weeks in!!   All the school
related stuff is actually going really really well right now!   In fact, today I have two mid term exams.
Eeek! Since I have these two exams, I might as well talk about those two
classes.   The first one is Contemporary

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Monthly Goals - February/March 2016 Edition
January seems like it was so very long ago, and
yet on the other hand, it felt like I didn't get anything done in February
because it disappeared before I knew what happened. There were quite a few
things that I did get done (namely finishing my best friend...

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