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Carlos Daniel Ruvalcaba Valenzuela

Going to this year YC StartupSchool event at Stanford, CA!, looking up to meeting interesting people!
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Turbogears 2.2 beta has been announced! and with it... More Benchmarks!, I redid the templating benchmark now using TG 2.2beta and testing under Gunicorn and uWSGI:
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Tried a WesternDigital streamer/player, quite impresive, the interface could use a bit of work, but out of the box plays all formats I need, mkv, mp4, avi, h264, xvid, mp3, aac, etc.

I think we may have found a replacement for our Neuros OSD.
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My father got a +Roku to replace our aging Neuros OSD, thus plugged the little puck shaped device in and the first thing it ask is for registration, it gives you a code to register on, so I went there and needed to open a new account, then BAM, need Credit Card Info, WTF.

So yeah, I think I'm still better off transcoding videos for the Neuros OSD than giving my info to Roku just to be able to use the device, there is no warning or anything in the box that says you need it. Big -1 to Roku.
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Ordered stuff on on Wednesday, sell out for $25 for next day delivery, aproximate delivery time? Monday...

Although there was a problem with the processing of the order thus the Thursday was the day things where supposed to go out, which makes next day (Friday) delivery still possible, seems like the extra 25 is for Amazon to get its stuff out fast, UPS is another thing. Next time will go for free shipping or place order in Monday!
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The TurboGears team is proud to announce the release of TurboGears 2.1.4!

This release has many new features and bugfixes, all of them listed below. The most important one, though, is that this is the final 2.1.x release, and the final release that will support Python 2.4.

Please make sure to update your code to work on Python 2.5, as that will be the next supported Python version.

I would like to take a moment to thank Alessandro Molina especially. His work made this release possible, and as large as it is. He's been a great asset to the team, and I'm glad to have him on board.

* Deprecated Python 2.4 support. In 2.2, Python 2.4 support will be removed, and only 2.5-2.7 will be supported
* TurboGears extension architecture enhanced. Better support for hooks before and after configuration
* Performance enhancements in tg module and in default templates
* Enhancements to lazy_url
* WebOb version locked in. The change of virtualenv to "distribute" by default has broken dependency_links and allow_hosts in the config files, and this works around that issue.
* Jinja2 filters are now automatically loaded
* Work arounds for best_match, which was not producing the expected behavior with IE7 and IE8
* Add "auto_reload_template" as an .ini option
* Performance tuning the default size of the Genshi cache
* Added Genshi advanced i18n support
* Better compatibility with SQLAlchemy 0.7
* Changed default quickstart options to help ensure that some model is always available
* Documentation enhancements
* Nested RestControllers now work as expected (no longer required to implement "_custom_actions")
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Today we start a 3 day mini workshop on startups and entrepreneurship at the Universidad de Sonora, we'll checkout the Lean Startup movement, business model generation and the array of options on financing and governmental aids for technology business. Hopefully this will ignite the interest for entrepreneurship on the university community.
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Toscawidgets are very powerful but very complex also, the other day I was working in a form where I needed a multiple selection field, TW has an interesting widget called CheckBoxTable which generates a table with checkboxes where you can pick many options, everything seems nice and all just one small problem, how to make it mark the already chosen options? this also happens with MultipleSelectionField, if you are passing the data directly from the model this won't do, these fields require a special format, which basically is a dictionary where the keys are the values of the objects on the list and as a value true or false for checked or unchecked, you can of course just send the ones you need checked. This may not seem like much but it is not clearly documented anywhere, I stumbled casually with the answer on stackoverflow. I wish TW supported using jinja2 templates, anyways make will be then..
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Found this wireframing app for my tablet, it has some interesting concepts but could use more work, support more elements and better export tools in order to be really useful.
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