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Dave Armstrong
Full-time Catholic apologist since 2001. 46+ books; 2,300+ articles. Booksite:
Full-time Catholic apologist since 2001. 46+ books; 2,300+ articles. Booksite:

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This Blog and its Existing 1500 or So Posts Will Soon be Moving to Patheos
Not sure how all that works, but I have re-edited all my old papers, preparing them for the move, with a book ad to my e-booksite on each one. The header above, that was professionally designed for my blog some years ago, will be retained. it may be by the ...

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How to Use and Navigate My Blog
By Catholic Apologist Dave Armstrong (5-6-14) [ Note : links are currently outdated , with my move to the Patheos portal; I'll revise them as soon as I am able to find the time] When you get to the home page, you'll see seven basic categories listed at the ...

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New (?) Analogical Argument for Veneration of the Saints and Angels from the Prohibition of Blasphemy of the Same
By Dave Armstrong (8-8-15) The Bible looks negatively on what it describes as "blasphemy" -- not just against God, but against holy persons or those set apart for His purposes (Moses: Acts 6:11; St. Paul: Acts 13:45; 18:6; saints in heaven: Rev 13:6; Christ...

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What I LIKE About Calvinism and Calvinists
By Dave Armstrong (June 2009) I have a rather high view of Calvinism and many Calvinists. I state this in several places on my website. I "hate" certain beliefs or strands of Calvinism (particularly supralapsarianism) - as I hate all error -, but other aspe...

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How to Talk About the Papacy Without Offending Catholics
By Dave Armstrong (6-3-09)   Sometimes Protestant apologists argue to the effect that it is some inherently terrible and inconceivable thing for Catholics to believe as they do vis-a-vis ecclesiology and the papacy, so that ecumenism is scarcely even possib...

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Refutation of Dr. John MacArthur's Sola Scriptura Defense: "The Sufficiency of the Written Word"
By Dave Armstrong (15 September 2003) Dr. John MacArthur is an influential and well-known radio preacher, Bible expositor, and author, well-worth listening to (until he gets to the subject of Catholicism . . . ). I will quote a great deal of his article, bu...

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Why Is It That We Have Been Blessed With Legally Institutionalized Sodomy Masquerading as "Marriage" in Our Day and Time?: Some Off-the-Cuff Ruminations
See my Facebook post .

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Dialogue with an Atheist Concerning My Semi-Satirical Critique of Atheism
This came about as a result of an atheist responding to my paper, Why Atheists Are Far More Religious Than we Think . It occurred on a public Facebook page. His name will remain anonymous (unless he requests otherwise), but all the words are his, and will b...

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Critique of Chris Ferrara's Radical Reactionary Hit-Piece in Opposition to Pope Francis' Christian Environmentalism
By Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong Radical Catholic reactionary  and quasi-schismatic Christopher A. Ferrara published a critique of Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato si at the reactionary  Remnant website. It's entitled,  On the Pope's Encyclical, 'Laudat...
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