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We're going live in about 10 minutes! Please join us - :)
+Photo Talk Plus Tonight at 8PM Pacific With +Athena Carey!

Please join us live tonight at 8PM Pacific for EP18 with special guest +Athena Carey and a wonderful line-up of panelists including cohost +Thomas Hawk, +April Joy Peterson-Gutel, Community Manager for Google Photos +Brian Rose, +Julia Anna Gospodarou, +Ivan Makarov, and +Keith Barrett of +Vidcast Network. We'll be talking about a variety of things, including the upcoming Berlin Photowalk as well as others, and more photography topics, and then interview our special guest.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, +Blurb Books and +SmugMug If you're in the chatroom at +Vidcast Network tonight you'll have a chance to win a free year of SmugMug as well as one of those much sought after +SmugMug Hoodies!

See you all tonight at 8PM Pacific!
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