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The Best of Photography on Google+
The Best of Photography on Google+


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EP36 with Special Guest +Tom Hogarty - Watch Now!

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+Photo Talk Plus EP36 with Lightroom PM +Tom Hogarty

+Thomas Hawk and I had a great time this past Wednesday with panelists +Chris Chabot, +Jan Kabili, +Joe Azure, +Karen Hutton, +Keith Barrett, and our special guest +Tom Hogarty, +Adobe Lightroom Product Manager. 

We discussed news stories, including 20 Pro Tips for Photographers on Google+ (, the new Android Powered Nikon, and hidden view counts for your photos on Google+ (hint: you have to go to Picasa).

Tom gave us some cool demos in LR4 and answered questions for us about everyone's favorite photo editing program. If you're not using Lighroom 4, well, you should be.

After you watch the show, enter our contest to win one of two copies of Lightroom 4 from +Adobe (each will come with a free copy of +Trey Ratcliff's new and amazing LR4 Presets!). To enter all you need to do is make a post on Google+ and tell us either: your favorite feature we discussed on the show, make a feature request, or talk about how you will use LR4 if you win it. You must include the hashtag #LightroomPlus  in your post. You have until next Wednesday when we'll pick the two best and announce those winners on our show that day at 8PM Pacific.

Congratulations to +Billy Wilson, who won a copy of LR4 and Trey's presets live on the show, courtesy of +SmugMug (who also threw in a free year of their Pro Service) because they are one of our fantastic sponsors, who are also well integrated with Lightroom. We love them!

Big thanks to our other amazing sponsors, +Adorama /, +Drobo /, and +Blurb Books /

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A GREAT circle to add!  

Wow!  I can't believe we have had 131 different guests/panelists on 36 episodes of Photo Talk Plus now.  These are some of the most active, engaged, talented photographers on G+ and big time contributors to our photo community here.

Thanks to all of you for coming on the show at some point in the past year (and if we forgot anyone so so sorry) and for participating and for helping us week in and week out to review top photography stories on G+ and some great interviews with some super talented people.

Thanks especially to our sponsors who make the show possible each week +Adorama +Blurb Books +Drobo and +SmugMug.  Check them out at and 

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EP35 with +Kelli Seeger Kim - Watch Now!
+Photo Talk Plus EP35 Available!

If you missed it last week live, watch it here now! +Thomas Hawk and I were joined by our lovely and talented special guest, +Kelli Seeger Kim as well as panelists +Anna Nguyen, +Jeff Moreau, +Mark Rodriguez, +Timothy Jordan, and +Milena Ilieva. (+Keith Barrett was feeling sick, but he still broadcasted for us, even though he couldn't panel - he is always awesome!)

We discussed several stories including new Google+ features (vanity URLS, slideshows, album downloads), the release of the new Canon 6D, new photo sharing site Medium, and the Portland Press Herald stealing a woman's flickr photos and then paying her for them when caught. Afterwards, we interviewed +Kelli Seeger Kim, learning more about her photography and getting to look at it up close, discover what drives her passion and what she's planning for the future.

Thank you so much to our amazing sponsors who support the show and the photography community. Check em' out! +SmugMug +Blurb Books, +Adorama, and +Drobo

And make sure you tune into tomorrow night at 8PM Pacific when our special guest will be Lightroom Product Manager +Tom Hogarty! We'll be talking about Lightroom 4 and you'll even have the chance to win one of two free copies to be given away, as well as a chance to win +Trey Ratcliff's amazing new Lightroom 4 presets, available here: Watch the show to find out how. :) See you there tomorrow night!

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Check Out EP34 with +Mike Spinak!
It's +Photo Talk Plus EP34 with +Mike Spinak!

Did you miss the live airing of this episode a week ago? Check it out here and learn more about Mike's photography, projects, and his moves in the dark room. Check out his work at You'll also enjoy +Thomas Hawk and myself along with panelists +Barry Blanchard, +Patricia Davidson, +Vivienne Gucwa & +Keith Barrett discussing recent hot news stories including the first photo from Mars, +Trey Ratcliff's new LR presets and the story of how Mat Honan got hacked (let this be a lesson to us all), plus more!

Thanks to our amazing show sponsors: +Adorama, +Blurb Books, +Drobo, and +SmugMug

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EP 33 With +Matt Kloskowski!
For those of us who missed it live, here's +Photo Talk Plus EP33 with the fabulous +Matt Kloskowski! :)

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Episode 34 Tonight 8PM Pacific with Mike Spinak - Don't Miss It!
+Photo Talk Plus EP34 with +Mike Spinak Tonight 8PM Pacific!

Join +Thomas Hawk and myself at 8PM Pacific tonight as we welcome guest +Mike Spinak and panelists +Chris Chabot, +Patricia Davidson+Barry Blanchard, and +Keith Barrett!

The photo below is one that Mike has told me is one of his favorites I've ever shared, and I think that's because of his philosophy about capturing real moments in life, something I also relish. We'll learn more about Mike tonight, including his nature photography and projects he's been working on.

Make sure you give some love to our amazing sponsors +Adorama +Blurb Books +Drobo and +SmugMug

While we're on, get in the chatroom at so that you can hangout and talk with us and other viewers live! See you all there at 8PM Pacific! :)

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*Wow! EP32 with +Troy Paiva Rocked! Check It Out.* 
What a great show we had last night with the one and only godfather of light painting and night photography Mr. Lost America +Troy Paiva.  

In last night's show we talked all about Troy's work -- his technique, his gear, his social engineering, his workshops, and lots of other tips on how you can make these sorts of photographs yourself.  For a more thorough run down on all of Troy's tips and techniques be sure to get a copy of his third book "Light Painted Night Photography" on +Trey Ratcliff's +Flatbooks store.  Also be sure and check out Troy's work at his website

Joining +Lotus Carroll and myself last night were +Keith Barrett +Ricardo Lagos +Amy Heiden +Scott Frederick  and +Ian Ference 

We also discussed the new Canon Mirrorless Camera, +Scott Jarvie's upcoming +Photography Decathlon, the winner of our +SmugMug / +Blurb Books  photo project contest +Jordana Wright, a wedding photographer who is being threatened with a $300,000 lawsuit, the new Epson V700 scanner that I ordered from +Adorama  yesterday, a photo by +Alex Koloskov  and lots more!

Thanks as always to our AWESOME sponsors +Adorama +Blurb Books +Drobo and +SmugMug.  Be sure to check them out at,, and

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Don't Miss EP32 with +Troy Paiva Tonight 8PM Pacific!
There's More Than One Way Off the Island -- Vallejo, CA

Join us LIVE tonight at 8PM PST for Photo Talk Plus!!!!!


Tonight's +Photo Talk Plus is going to be AWESOME!!!! We have none other than the pioneer and godfather of abandoned night photography himself +Troy Paiva as our special guest.  

Troy has been making amazing light painted night photographs for over two decades.  Along the way he's published three books and published thousands of photgraphs online, including many at his website  Troy's documented the out of the way, abandoned California desert in ways that few others will ever come close to.  He regularly holds workshops on his well regarded technique.

Troy has long been a big influence of mine and it's his distinctive night scenes that have encouraged me to pursue some of this type of work of my own (like this image of a submarine on Mare Island here).

We will have some wonderful panelists joining +Lotus Carroll and I tonight to help interview Troy who also are greats themselves in abandoned photography including +Sly Vegas +Scott Frederick +Amy Heiden +Ian Ference +Ricardo Lagos and as always +Vidcast Network's wonderful host +Keith Barrett.

We will also have some interesting stories on this week's show including the new Canon mirrorless camera, the winner of our +Blurb Books / +SmugMug  photo project giveway, an update on +Scott Jarvie's +Photography Decathlon, a story about a wedding photographer who was threatened by a lawyer with a $300,000 lawsuit, and tips on how to maximize the potential of your photo posts on Google+.

Thanks as always to our wonderful sponsors +Adorama +Blurb Books +Drobo and +SmugMug!  Be sure to check them out at and

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EP31 with +Daniel Milnor!
Photo Talk Plus Episode 31 with Special Guest +Daniel Milnor!!!  We had a wonderful time on Wednesday night hanging out with photographer +Daniel Milnor.  Dan shared with us some of his own personal projects as well as discussed his role in working for +Blurb Books -- a very interesting interview you won't want to miss.

Joining +Lotus Carroll and myself was an awesome line up of panelists including +Athena Carey (live from Austin!), Google Photos' +Dave Cohen +Mike Spinak +Vivienne Gucwa and +Vidcast Network's +Keith Barrett.

During this episode we talk about +Marissa Mayer's new job as Yahoo Chief and what that might mean for Flickr, a recent satisfaction study that shows users prefer Google+ over Facebook, Google+'s impressive 43% gain in U.S. unique user  traffic per last month, what is claimed to be the world's most famous photograph and a photograph that +Joel Tjintjelaar spent over 80 hours working on.

As always, thank you to our fantastic sponsors +Adorama +Blurb Books +Drobo and +SmugMug!  Be sure to check them out at and  

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EP31 with +Daniel Milnor Tonight 8PM Pacific!
+Photo Talk Plus Tonight 8PM Pacific with +Daniel Milnor

Join +Thomas Hawk and me at 8PM Pacific for EP31 of +Photo Talk Plus with a great group - we'll have panelists +Athena Carey, +Dave Cohen, +Vivienne Gucwa, +Mike Spinak, and +Keith Barrett of +Vidcast Network and our special guest, Photographer +Daniel Milnor.

Make sure you tune in and hear us talk about some great news stories, interview Dan, and tell you how you can enter to win a prize package including a free year of +SmugMug Pro and +Blurb Books book (details tonight on the show). These are two of our amazing sponsors, and they continue to support us and offer fun things for you guys!

Big thanks also to our other sponsors +Adorama (we'll be talking about their awesome BlographHer event and +Drobo Circle them on Google+!

Make sure that you join us in the chatroom during the show so that you can hang out with us while we broadcast live. See you all there at 8PM Pacific tonight!
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