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A hen in the hand...
I had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of attending ISCA Annual Conference last week.  {ISCA= Indiana School Counselor Association} It was AMAZING! Not only did I attend, and partake in some pretty great sessions- I also presented on Technology! I used a tha...

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Back and Better Than Ever!
Wow it feels SOOO good to be back :) I am not sure what caused my 5 month hiatus... but the weirdest thing kept happening- I kept getting notifications from Pinterest, Facebook, and Blogger that I had new page views, new followers, and new likes! I would li...

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Exciting Week!!
This week has been mind-blowing! So here's a recap: Last Thursday: our family drove to Iowa to celebrate my sister's 40th Birthday :) She had an 80's theme party and it was fantastic! And what 80's party wouldn't be complete without a sweet 'stache... It wa...

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A BIG change is comin!
So I've heard about certain roads being paved with good intentions... But honestly these last few months have been CRAZY! There's a lot that's gone on that frankly I won't get into- but all I will say is God gives us these opportunities of growth for a reas...

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Teaching To Give Back...
A big part of what I believe students need to learn is how to give back... give back to their class, their school, their community, and to individuals they don't even know. I do this by participating in the Polar Plunge. So what is the Polar Plunge and how ...

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How my Mother-In-Law helped brand my blog!
About 10 years ago, my then-soon-to-be-mother-in-law bought me a Mr. Potato Head as a joke. And it sat on our baker's rack in our Kitchen for the longest time.  I really liked it! So she bought me another... and another... and another. Soon I had over 20 Mr...

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BINDERS! ... but maybe too many?
So, I love binders. When I started in my career at the beginning of last year, there were papers and lessons and worksheets ALL OVER THE PLACE. Plus with having two buildings, I had some stuff at one school and other stuff at the other school. I made it my ...

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Where to put all these Board Games?!
I'm not sure if any of you have this same problem... but I am acquiring a large amount of board games and only have so much space to put them. At my Wildcat's school it's especially bad- I have one small bookshelf for student to pick off of and one large bo...

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How To Teach Integrity??
When I started this career, I knew certain character traits would be more difficult to teach than others. How to Respect others, taking care of our Responsibilities, and Caring for others were some I knew would be easy.  But Harmony- yea that one was harder...

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Setting Goals... and Keeping Them!
As I think about goals, I think about my goal to write a post once a week... BWAHAHAHA! Yea, that has slipped. But I have not given up and will continue to try my best for the six of you that actually read my blog :) But in thinking about Goal Setting, I wa...
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