The STCats Take You Inside the  Stone Temple: Week Ending 5/2/2014

Each #caturday  our famous #STCats  prowl deep into the catacombs beneath the Stone Temple to help you catch up on what you might have missed from +Stone Temple Consulting during the past week. No mummies were harmed in the production of this post. 

Here's this week's trip to the +Stone Temple Consulting vault:

☥   It's the End of Google+ As We Know It?
Social Media Hangout discussion of the rumors that swirled following the departure of Vic Gundotra from Google  #smhangout  

Why Google+ Will Not Die (But May Change)
+Marketing Land column by +Mark Traphagen examining where Google may go next with Google+

Syndicated Content: Why, When & How 
by +Eric Enge on +Search Engine Watch explains when it is a good idea to syndicate your content and how to do it correctly and safely.

Winning at Local Search with Dave Rodecker
A local search expert talks with +Eric Enge about the factors that help make local business more visible in search.

Grokking How to Leverage Google Search Features
On the Digital Marketing Answers Show, Mark & Eric answer viewer questions about various special features of Google search, including the Knowledge Graph, rich snippets, local reviews and more. #dmashow  

Brand Building with Google+ Hangouts On Air Our +Eric Enge was the guest of The Hangout Helper +Ronnie Bincer for a info-packed discussion of how they have used HOAs to build powerful, trusted brands online. (Link here is to a handy time-stamped index of the video created by +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao )

The Inside Story on Google+ +Post ads
On the Digital Marketing Excellence Show, Eric and Mark interview Christian Ashlock, the Product Marketing Manager for the new +Post ads.

Google+ +Post Ads: Effective for Small Brands?
+Mark Traphagen shares the results of our two-week test of Google's newest advertising product.

How to Show Communities on Your Google+ Page About Tab
Make sure people know about the communities you own. A Google+ Help Community Tip by +Mark Traphagen 

Coming This Week from the Stone Temple:

☥ DMAShow Tuesday at 1 PM EDT: "Social Culture & Driving Business Success* with +David Amerland RSVP at

☥ TNT Boot Camp Monday at 2:30 PM EDT" "Can Connecting with Influencers Improve Search Results?* +Eric Enge  will be interviewed by +Ronnie Bincer and +Christine DeGraff. RSVP at

Digital Marketing for Business Conference - Raleigh NC May 7-8. +Eric Enge and +Mark Traphagen will both speak at this conference. Info at
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