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Web-Marketing and Brand Management via Search and Social optimization
Web-Marketing and Brand Management via Search and Social optimization

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#Next10x: Mastering Mobile Digital Marketing

We’ve brought together several influencers in digital mobile marketing and Fortune 500 companies to explain how and why mastering mobile marketing will help you achieve a competitive advantage.

Seats are limited so register today!

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Understanding the Hreflang SEO Tag

Poor Eric! He’s trying to save the world in this Here’s Why video, but no one at the UN understands a word he’s saying!

It may not be world-ending, but certainly frustrating for your users if they click a Google link and end up on the wrong language version of your site. Learn how to properly use hreflang to solve this problem!

Watch the video (and get a full transcript) at

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VIDEO: Eric Enge Shares SEO Best Practices at SMX West

In this video interview, Eric shares a site architecture practice that can repel or cooperate with the search engines. Some pages can be too detailed for the index and Eric shows us how to keep those pages for users, but let the search engines know to index a more generic pages.

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7 Proven Ways to Increase Your Twitter Engagement
And one surprising total fail factor!

Based on our massive study of over 4 million tweets, learn what factors actually increase the likelihood that your tweets will get more engagement on Twitter.

Read it at

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6 Signs of a Truly Good Digital Marketing Agency

Selecting the right agency to help with your company's marketing is a critical decision. Learn the key traits you should look for in a professional digital marketing agency.

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The immense Power of the Personal in Social & Content Marketing

Learn why your brand should be developing and supporting Personal Brand Representatives to connect with your target audience!

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Why do social networks monkey with our timelines?
Here's Why Videos

Nearly all major social networks now have algorithmically-controlled timelines as their fault. That means they decide what you see, and how much you see from each person or brand you follow.

Even though many of the most vocal social media users constantly protest that policy, there is no indication that the networks are going to back away from it. Why? Find out in our video!

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Keyword Cannibalization and SEO
What You Need to Know

In this latest post in our #ArtofSEO series on the fundamentals of SEO, learn what keyword cannibalization is, why it can hurt the SEO of your site, and how to prevent or fix it.

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What do people want from a finance or shopping app?

More and more people do their financial transactions and shopping via mobile apps. Which ones do they use? What do they look for in those apps?

We surveyed over a thousand app users to find out. Get our results at
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