Sad news.

Today at 12:00 PM, the PowerPC architecture has been dropped. It is not possible to upgrade Ubuntu 17.04 PowerPC anymore. All PowerPC ISOs have been deleted. You can still download some deb packages from http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ and install them manually.

I uploaded the last ISOs to my web space.


- http://www.xenosoft.de/Ubuntu_Server_17.04_2017-02-22-powerpc.iso
- http://www.xenosoft.de/ubuntu_MATE_17.04_2017-02-09-powerpc.iso
- http://www.xenosoft.de/Lubuntu_17.04_2017-02-08-powerpc.iso

Fortunately I was able to upgrade ubuntu MATE 17.04 PowerPC before 12:00 PM. Today, there were a lot of ubuntu MATE artwork upgrades like wallpapers, themes, and icons.

I am working on a new test version of the MATE PowerPC Remix 2017. You can test the latest version of the MATE PowerPC Remix 2017 if you like.

Download: http://www.xenosoft.de/MATE_PowerPC_Remix_2017_0.2.img.tar.bz2

Bye-bye ubuntu MATE 17.04 PowerPC and welcome MATE PowerPC Remix 2017.

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