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I am going to write up my notes on 13MAGNUS:REAWAKENS as quickly as I can without editing, before I forget things. I suggest that others do the same. It will be most interesting to see where our stories align and diverge.
We arrived around 7PM on Friday night. The ‘Patron’ portal was already glowing and mixologist was already concocting Enlightened and Resistance cocktails -- the contents of which I will let him disclose if he so chooses. A fire burned in a steampunk Tecthulhu and it was evident already that 13MAGNUS: Reawakening was going to be a momentous event. Bill Kilday took Zane and I on a walk around the Archetype Camps which, at the time were empty. We found a vacant building foundation most interesting. We also learned that the Endor sequences in Empire Strikes Back were shot nearby. It makes sense. Camp Navarro looked like Endor.
Early on Friday morning, I met Dan who owns Camp Navarro. Great guy. He appears to be doing his own exercise in worldbuilding at the anomalous site. He drove us out to Fletcher’s Cabin at the mouth of the Navarro River. It seems that Fletcher arrived in 1851, two years after the Niantic arrived in San Francisco. Apparently, he sailed from the South Seas (New Zealand?) to Navarro. It is not clear to me why he settled there, though it is probably known. I have uploaded the video on my Facebook page. Very interesting structures there built of driftwood. As Dan pointed out, the drive there was a ‘greatest hits of California’ -- redwoods, coastline and mountains.
It would be later that day that we discovered that the camp held a number of secrets of it's own and there is reason to believe that it is much older than we thought it was. Camp Navarro, located deep in the redwoods of Mendocino County seemed like an anomalous zone from the first moment I arrived there.
The morning was cool and crisp. I was surprised to find a number of people with Hazdata badges securing the communications system. I know the company was taken over by the Brandt corporation recently, but I know little of the root corporation (only what is already known and that is that it is located somewhere in Southern Africa and they specialize in Exotic Metals -- the connection to Ingress: Alignment is not lost on me).
They did not seem to be bothered when I took photographs of their equipment, and this surprised me a little bit given the extremely sensitive nature of their mission and experimental nature of their technology. I don’t fully understand, to this moment exactly what a Tecthulhu module is, but I am assuming that somebody more technical will explain it. Their names were Mike and Chris. I do not know if their last names are masked or not, so I will not mention them.
Early on we began having revelations. The discovery of an Anchor Chain and a copse of Redwoods in the shape of a ship was interesting. After that, we discovered a redwood Phoenix sculpture that had been carved by two engaging and mysterious Maori artist from New Zealand. They knew nothing -- or at least claimed to know nothing -- of the events, though I do not think that their presence in an anomalous zone was accidental. The mind-blowing moment came when they described carving an ‘owl sculpture’ in the week leading to the anomaly.
Apparently, there was a massive tree trunk that stood about 7 feet high and 7 feeT in diameter that was to be removed, but the New Zealanders ‘saw’ an owl hidden in there. As they were carving it out, their saws struck metal about 8 inches in. When they dug in, they found 8 musket balls at about head height. That means that the tree had grown around them for eight inches. I don’t know how many years that represents, but some say it was three or four hundred. This is particularly interesting because that sets back the timeline of the discovery of camp novarro to somewhere in the 16th Century -- long before 1851 when Fletcher arrived.
The significance of this was not lost on Andrew Krug, John Hanke or P.A. Chapeau when he arrived. However, it was JZP who discovered that the map created offsite weeks earlier for the RPE perfectly matched the location of the ship in the 1589 Conquistador/Anazeteka battle.
This uncanny similarity is for others to analyze.
At noon, registration began and the Tecthulhu building began at the camps to the south of the main area of Camp Navarro. The rest of the afternoon drifted away with preparations for the events. We could hear sawing, hammering and music in the distance.
Will write more when I can.

At Emerald Knights in Burbank, first agent to get here gets a free copy of Ingress Origins

Heading to Cliftons cafeteria in downtown LA. Probably in the tiki area. Vinny and aggressive player finds me there I have a Niantic card. This is another experiment in bio card bounty hunting

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Went to Japan last week on a mission I can't talk about. Attended a meet-up in Tokyo. Was amazed by the bio-card activity. Was not bounty-hunted, but heard that some was happening. Not sure whether this was a New Wave activity or conventional groups.

INGRESS PLAYERS: So I'm going to be keynoting at IndieCade at USC today and I've got a couple more Niantic cards and will ALSO be handing out my first Ingress Cards. Find me and get one.

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So this is an interesting one. Kind of lends credence to the Obsidias accounts. There were a lot of people wandering around the ancient world in places you wouldn't expect.

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Yeah. I'm agreeing with everything you're saying about the New Wave. It seems that Techensteining is a Portmanteau of people turning themselves into Tech Frankensteins by grafting tech on. In the short term, I believe this is to save ADA, who has probably benefitted from the Resistance's surprising Tie at the last anomaly... I just need to see examples of it. Thus far we only have hints.

And, in parallel, I think the ENLNW is not dissimilar to Transhumanism. I suspect that their attempts will be to optimize themselves as kind of a sacrifice to Shaper visions. I'm not putting that well, but you get the idea. I stumbled on this and it seems like pure Shaper material.

So what is Techensteining in the context of the New Wave Resistance. I'm acting like I know when somebody mentions it, but the truth is, its not clear. Its something about adding tech to the body to let A Detection Algorithm in... That right?

At NerdCon. Have some Niantic Cards. Find me and get one.

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I'm going to be at Nerdcon next weekend during the anomalies. +John Zuur Platten and I will be talking about the Ingresstigation. Given the sinister events of last night, something interesting could happen there.
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