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Days 22 - 26
I'm just going to skip to what people really want to know and that's how much weight was lost... I started day 1 at 313.1 and ended day 26 at 297.9 totaling 15.2 pounds lost! There's a long way to go still but I'm moving in the right direction. Now it's tim...

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Days 19 - 21
Cast is totally annoying me Total weight loss:12.7 This past week has been a roller coaster ride... I only walked Sunday, Monday, and one sad lap on  Thursday.  Day 19: I was totally out of it after surgery from being doped up on medication. Slept the whole...

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Days 16 - 18
Day 16: Veggie pizza w/ Cauliflower crust Got on the scale that morning and was up a surprising 1.8 pounds , I wanted to scream! I hadn't been eating anything crazy but I haven't been taking drops... Nothing else has really changed. Day 17: Cajun shrimp w/ ...

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Days 14 & 15
Day 14: It's weigh in time again, how exciting.. NOT ! I just adore starting my Friday's with an anxiety attack , followed by a mini stroke ! (J/P) So I'm going to jump right on in and tell y'all that in 14 days I've lost 12.5 pounds ... that's not too shab...

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Days 13
Soooo... Today was kind of horrible! I work in a 3 person office usually, but this Thursday and Friday one lady is on vacation and the other had to end up off because her daughter is giving birth. Guess what that means (3 - 2 = 1) the loneliest number EVER ...

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Days 11 & 12
Day 11: I have to admit that I've been slacking when it comes to cooking this week. We didn't go grocery shopping Sunday which means no meal prepping for the week. It was my early day today so that again meant no lunch break and by the time I got home at 2:...

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Days 9 & 10
Day 9: Not too much excitement on day 9, except my husband talking me into eating at Captain George's . I agreed only if we ate strictly crab legs and nothing else. Needless to say, it was a horrible idea that had him apologizing at the end of the day. I co...

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Days 7 & 8
Day 7: I'd have to say that I had an average work day, low stress... Took my lunch as usual even though I can't remember what I ate. I do know that since I had an early 2pm Friday, my water intake was poor and I was cramping up by the evening. Treated mysel...

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Days 5 & 6
Day 5: Omar, Bella Blue, ME! Still dealing with my BIG cookie craving ... I've eaten a few cookies every day thus far and it doesn't seem to be affecting me yet. I know I can't continue eating them so it is my goal tomorrow to stay focused and drink water e...
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