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Yes please

I'm looking to get a new multi probe thermometer. Do any of you have experience with the igrill2? I would love to be able to use my phone as the remote. I'm using a Nexus 6.

Thoughts or other recommendations appreciated.

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Yes, just because. #starwars 

Is there a public update schedule for current devices? I'm looking at a new tablet, but I don't want to buy one with just 4.4.

Here is my sad Zenfone saga.

Purchased phone. :)
Software update failed crashing phone. :(
$25 to replace phone :(
Replacement phone camera quits working (Camera failed to launch. Reboot phone.). :(
Asus will only replace this phone if I pay the $25 dollars again or I can send this broken phone in and be without a phone for 3 weeks.

I'm trying to work with +ASUS North America​ customer service to find a better solution. If one can't be found, this will be the last Asus product I purchase or recommend anyone purchase. 

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Be sure to check your invoice from +Republic Wireless​. Several times now there have been mistakes on my invoice, like getting charged twice for service on a line. My bill should be about $60 and it is over $80. 

I'm new to the game and would live a recommendation on an android app for score keeping. I have no issue paying for a good app. 

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Because dinner. 
Animated Photo

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I would love this life. Getting paid to play! Oh wait I kind of so have that life. 
Glad y'all love the vid!! Get pumped for 5 VIDEOS IN A ROW! 
#RCBattle (you just watched it!)
#PaintballTrickShots 7/27
#PlasticGolfClubBattle 8/3
#NerfBlastersBattle 8/10
#DrivingStereotypes 8/17
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