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I'm So Sorry, Broccoli Bob

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Problems After Long Runs #1

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A Guide to Early Morning Runs

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Woes of a Tall Runner

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There's not really an overarching narrative to this post, or any running tips, or even a larger running story. This is about that just____things trend that happens on Instagram and Tumblr and Twitter. You know the trend, it usually looks something like this...

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Breaking a Marathon into Pieces
Planning to run your first marathon, much like the marathon itself, is a large and intimidating undertaking. Thousands of sources dictate how, when, and how much you should run every day, week, and month. Numbers begin to add together and pile up/ daily dis...

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The Things I'm Learning About Running Long Distances
Sometimes experiences throughout your life connect in strange ways. When I was very young, three or four years old, my parents took me to the doctor and I got a series of shots that were probably just vaccinations important for a young child to get. I was a...

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The Vicious Cycle
I've developed a habit in the last few months, ever since I got a 2014 wall calendar for Christmas. The calendar features a pretty picture of Scotland for each month, as well as the days of the month, numbered, arranged in a grid system just below that pict...

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How I Got Way Too High in Colorado
When I stepped out to run on Colorado 7, a long and lonely
highway winding through the Rocky Mountains at an altitude of roughly 7,500
feet, I was confident. Gone was the low-altitude humidity that stifled my
breath and slicked my skin with sweat at lower a...

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A Runner's Roundup for June 25, 2014
The First (and Only) Disneyland Marathon.  I heard they thawed Walt out to run it. (via  +MousePlanet ) Check out Oregon's "prison run."  Wait wait wait: they're helping prisoners run FASTER?! What's next, tunneling classes? (via  +OPB - Oregon Public Broad...
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