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Phil Corpuz
Full-time freelance writer and data miner, part time gamer. Wishes to reverse that.
Full-time freelance writer and data miner, part time gamer. Wishes to reverse that.

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When you check the mail, roll+weird.

On a 10+, the poison clouds, the herds of iron beasts, and the psychic Screaming parts, and you discover a thing of wonder.
On a 7-9, you fight your way past the poison clouds, the iron beasts, and the Screaming, and find something interesting. Someone or something interesting also finds you.
On 6 or less, you are overcome by the clouds, beasts, or Screaming. This should be fun.

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Photos from Sunday's Infinity mini-tourney over at Gears & Games. Had a fun time taking my Haqqislam troops out again, this time working with swarm lists that aren't my usual forte. Also managed to snag a giant, glow-in-the-dark d20 as a participation prize, so yey.
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There's a Humble Bundle up of Tsutomu Nihei's science fiction manga works, with volumes of the BLAME! Master Edition on offer, as well as the complete Knights of Sidonia on higher tiers. Potential bonus content includes a prologue of Nihei's new serialized work APOSIMZ, and a BLAME! art booklet.
Behold our epic team-up with Tsutomu Nihei and Kodansha Comics! We've collected some of Nihei's most action-packed science fiction manga for your winter reading. Plus, we're even bundling one month's subscription to Crunchyroll, where you'll have full access to a massive library of manga – and ad-free anime, too!

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So I ended up painting some Games Workshop Age of Sigmar figures for my cousins as Christmas presents. It was a fun exercise that allowed me to try a bunch of techniques I don't normally use when I paint my own Infinity miniatures. Tried out using a purple wash for shading the flesh of the Khorne tribal warrior, and I like the effect, instead of my usual sort of brown-based washes. Also gave non-metallic metal (NMM) / zenithal lighting painting a try with the two armored Khorne Bloodwarriors. I don't have an airbrush to easily manage the blending of colors, so everything ends up sorta blobby instead of smooth, but it was an educational exercise nonetheless.

Most importantly of course, they loved them, so success! Just wish I had the time to clean up the bases and do something fancier with them. Also, these friction-fit containers (clear plastic cover not pictured, now that I think about it) from the local 88 store is a nice deal for small groups of minis, like say PCs for a game night. Should get some of these for myself. 

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Catching up on my Infinity backlog with a Hassassin Barid combat hacker and an Al-Fasid heavy battle armor trooper.
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[NSFW?] TIL: One of those interesting intersections of computer games, emergent gamer cultures, sexuality and kink. I did not know about this till like five minutes ago, but the allure is pretty obvious. :)


"Classic BDSM relies on the core concepts of domination and submission. It’s been the foundational dynamic of sexual relationships since the beginning of time. Someone plays the role of a bossy, assertive caretaker. Their partner transforms into an obedient, powerless servant, and they both have fun. Essentially, the healslut community adapts those tropes to the language of video games. It’s difficult, but not impossible. In Overwatch a “tank” is a protective, frontline character soaking up lots of damage and the “support” keeps everyone’s health bar full. With a little bit of imagination those roles can be loaded with plenty of kinky symbolism.

Some players, (like those crouching, Imp-guised Mercys in Overwatch lobbies) try to land partners in-game, but much of the time people who healslut find each other on the r/healsluts subreddit or the official Discord channel. Think of it like a first date, except for a highly specific digital fetish."

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(Dungeon World) I love this idea for a custom move.
When you seek the advice of the wizened, world-weary sage about a Front or Danger, Roll + Grim Portents Manifested
* On a hit, players can ask a question from Discern Realities about the most imminent Grim Portent, and get interesting and useful knowledge about it.
* On a 10+ The sage can help against the Danger in a material or magical way.
* On a 6- You fools! You mustn't speak of this aloud! The Grim Portent advances.

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A productive Saturday for painting. Speed painted a Reaper Bones piece to serve as the half-dragon champion Langdedrosa Cyanwrath from D&D5E's Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and almost done with two Pontifical Swiss Guard powered armor troopers for Corvus Belli's Infinity. Tried experimenting with rudimentary NMM-type effects to mixed effect, and my freehand adaptation of the PSG's blue, yellow, and red colors for the shoulder blades could be better, but it's been fun to do so far. Time to clean it up, add more detail to that knife and missile launcher, and then I can base and varnish them.
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"But from the strictest purist’s perspective, no one at the Olympics is there to “compete clean.”

That’s not to say everyone competing at the Games is embroiled in a doping scandal. But most conversations about what athletes put inside their bodies to enhance athletic performance wholly ignore what athletes put on their bodies to enhance athletic performance. Today’s Olympic equipment—from algorithmically generated racing spikes to utrasonically bonded swimsuits to asymmetrical track bikes—are designed in labs, by researchers and engineers, to maximize human potential. Today’s elite athletes depend on these technologies, and can’t expect to score a metal without them. In 2016, most Olympic events have passed a significant inflection point; no longer do they test the mettle of an elite athlete. Today, they test the mettle of cyborgian, athlete-equipment dyads."

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Bit of a late upload, but had a lot of fun painting up this Druze Shock Team hacker for Corvus Belli's Infinity wargame. Since she is a mercenary attachment to my Haqqislam army, I didn't have to match my usual sand and green color scheme and I got to play around with pinks, orange and blue, colors that I would almost never use except as highlights or accents. I still unintentionally ended up aping the stock Druze paint scheme for her body armor. Still not a fan of the BattleHeels on many of Infinity's female sculpts, but I love that there's a good mix of male and female sculpts for most unit types. Also included is a Hassassin Govad fireteam that I wrapped up and based at about the same time.
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