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Fashion Hashtag Managers

Voice Polls is seeking exceptionally creative interns who are passionate fashion. You will set a creative vision for how artists and labels tell stories and share ideas on Voice Polls’s apps, develop a strategy to execute that vision, measure and iterate. You will be on the front lines, taking a hands-on approach with partners to achieve aesthetic and engagement success.

The ideal candidate has experience creating amazing polls on Voice Polls, believes in the format, is firing creatively on all cylinders, and is hungry to work with fashion partners to create amazing content for the platform.

● Collaborate with the team to set a creative vision for the fashion vertical
● Act as an advisor and evangelist to top content partners
● Develop a strategy to prioritize partnerships
● Manage day-to-day content partner relationships, fielding incoming requests and providing support and advice
● Discover and document innovative uses of Voice Polls and share insights and examples with partners and internal teams
● Guide partners’ content strategies, pitch insanely creative ideas, oversee execution where appropriate and inspire innovation
● Help to onboard new partners and educate them on best practices to ensure success on the platform
● Serve as a liaison between partners and our product team to make sure that their voices, opinions, and feedback are being considered in new products, features, and solutions

● Lives and breathes fashion
● Active user of Instagram, Facebook. Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest is a plus.
● Experience making social content specifically for fashion
● Ability to communicate effectively and persuasively, in person and in writing, to many different audiences
● Comfortable presenting to partners and providing exceptional support
● Demonstrated ability to identify custom insights that are useful and effective for partners
● Strong teamwork and collaboration skills
● Flexibility to deal effectively with ambiguous situations and is driven to create process and consistency
● No degree required
● Insanely creative

Interested? Drop us a line : hello at voicepolls dot com
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How to Get Survey Respondents?

Ever struggled to find people who will take your survey? No matter how well your survey is designed, it won’t be effective if you can’t get the right respondents.

We know this can be a difficult process and wanted to give you a few different ways to find them.

Each of these methods will be useful in some circumstances and detrimental in others. Be sure to carefully consider your study’s objective when determining how to find respondents.

1. In-House email lists
Every organization has in-house lists. These lists can include employees, customers, and potential customers. They can be a great source of respondents in many situations; however, they are often incomplete.

Lists can be especially helpful if you are surveying employees or current customers, but they will often be unhelpful in determining market trends.

2. Purchasing panels
There are a number of services that sell responses to surveys. Voice Polls Panel Services works has access to over 150k people from all walks of life.

Panels can be profiled so you are sure to only get the respondents you want; however, the more targeted you want to be, the more expensive it will be.

3.Your website
In some instances, the best way to contact respondents is on your website. There are many different ways to do this. Voice Polls for publishers lets you embed surveys into a page, create pop-up invitations, or simply place a link on your site.

Collecting responses on a website is ideal if you are looking for website feedback or if all of your customers visit a site. If you aren’t a web-based company, this might not be the best way to find respondents.

There are many others ways to find respondents. If you know a creative way to find people, leave it in the comments section.

Good luck with your surveys
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Win an Apple Watch
How?? You just have to post a great pic.

1. Choose a brand. Any brand. It can be Adidas, Nitendo or Nutella.
2. Take a great pic of the brand you have chosen. 
3. Post the pic on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or all of them. 
4. Add 3 tags. One for the brand (eg. #ferrari), one to tell us if you love or hate that brand (eg. #loveit or #hateit) and one for us … #voicepolls

The contest is open until the 12pm EST on the 12th of August 2015. 
At 12:01pm, we’ll look at the picture that was the most viral (ie number of likes on Facebook and Instagram and number of retweets on Twitter). 

The winner will receive an Apple Watch :) 

Good luck! 
The Voice Polls team. 

PS: make sure your Facebook and Instagram posts are public.
PS II: Got a question? Drop us a line at 
contest win watch photo brand voicepolls apple
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Take the pulse

After developing Voice Polls for Android and iOS, we’re now happy to announce Voice Polls for the Apple watch. 
This will change the way you take the pulse and learn about the world’s opinion. Say hello to Voice Polls for Apple Watch.

No need to take your phone out for these. A simple move of you wrist will be enough to learn about the best polls that run in the app. Every day, we will feature the results of a poll newsworthy.  

You can quickly access details of the latest poll you created through our Glance by swiping up from the watch face. We’ll show you the info that matters the most: the number of opinions you are collecting.

The Voice Polls app

Our Apple Watch app lets you quickly scroll through featured polls. You can tap on polls to access the results and start discussing them with the people around :) 

We did our best and built Voice Polls for Apple Watch as an extension that leverages the advantages of the watch. This first version focuses on relevant information that the watch enables us to surface. Future versions might include some of the key actions possible in our mobile apps. 

Feel free to reach out if you have feedback that you want to share. We would love to know that Voice Polls feels just right on your wrist!  

The team
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Want to ask a question to 10,000 millenials? 
Check that out
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Citizen Democracy

About a month ago, French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced the launch of Direct Citoyen. The French media outlets liked the idea (HuffPost, RTL, JDD, etc.)

Although our team is not driven by political reasons, we are proud to have built this app for the French Republicans.  

Our intention was to help create an easy, effective, and enjoyable way for people to express their opinions, ask questions and contribute to debates to shape the policies and elections affecting their lives. 

Direct Citoyen is a place to express what you think about important issues, and see where your friends and others stand. Because we need numbers as well as context, questions have a quantitative and a qualitative aspects. 

Questions, votes and debate are building blocks of a functioning democratic system so Direct Citoyen enables you to:
-Weigh in on important topics, including issues in the news
-Write your own opinions
-Find out which friends align with you, and on what issues
-Add reasons for why you agree or disagree with opinions
-Propose questions and debates to the entire community

Future releases will include additional features so please feel free to reach out and suggest cool improvements. 

The Voice Polls team
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We’re super excited to announce the latest update (2.1)! 

It includes the following improvements

- You can now ask questions with tweets, gifs, Google places, Soundcloud tracks and more cool medias. 
- An easier way to add your comments to the questions
- A surprise color in the settings

Want to help us improve the app? Drop us a line at
or connect with us on
Animated Photo
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You're a startup fanatic? Stay tuned and follow us on CrunchBase
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Opinions will always be stronger than weapons 
#charliehebdo #wearecharlie
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