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Taco Bell Shibuya VIP private party tonight rocked!
All-you-can-eat tacos and beer!!! #taco bell 4/21 will be grand opening! Try the whole menu!
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Two things I love. Burritos and Tokyo!!!
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Tony Alexander

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Favorite CM! #samsung
Love the score on this video. Wish someone would
tell me the name.
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Yokohama and sakura.
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Tony Alexander

Traveling in Japan  - 
Hot spots for sakura night viewing.  
For some reason everything smells so much sweeter in the thick of night.   It could be the allure of female perfume walking by or the warm evening smell of pink flowers wafting in the breeze.   The river yields and extra mine...
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Tony Alexander

What are you drinking?  - 
Yuzu Temple Pale Ale 
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Tony Alexander

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Minami Boso Chiba

Tony Alexander

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My shoes
Have them in circles
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Tony Alexander

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Taco Bell Japan VIP party! Free beers and tacos!! 
Awesome. This is The Fajita Burrito. Fajita means warm vegetables. The Fajita Burrito has warm peppers, onions, rice, cheese, & salsa.
#tacobell #japan
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+Tony Alexander
I'll have to check that out. I've always wanted to try Taco Bell 
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Epic journeys across Japan.  Old Tunnel Stations.
On my epic journey that started from Yokohama had ended in Aomori Prefecture.   It took me 26 hours via local lines only.   I met so many people along the way.  We all came from all over Japan.    We wondered around in statio...
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Tony Alexander

» ­General  - 
KFC Japan natural lawsons. 
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I tried those, they're quite nice, very peppery though. 
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Where you on 3-11?
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お盆中は毎日やってます!! - お知らせ │ 新潟県月岡温泉 新潟地酒 premium SAKE 蔵


日野店|店舗情報 | 横浜のハンバーグ&ステーキレストラン【ハングリータイガー】


保土ヶ谷本店|店舗情報 | 横浜のハンバーグ&ステーキレストラン【ハングリータイガー】


Terme Villa

Okinawa hot spas. A relaxing getaway from all stresses and problems of Tokyo.

Matsu no Tsukasa | The Soul of Japan

I'm back in West Japan again, and yet another selection of good sake from a brewery located in a very quaint prefecture called Shiga. When I

かまくら家 | The Soul of Japan

The name's Kamakuraya, and no, it's not located in that iconic city most expats know as Kamakura, home of the Great Daibutsu. Venturing out

【楽天市場】スペイン ターボキット社製 キムコ トップボーイ50 2本出しチャンバー:オートパーツ



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This beauty of this onsen is in this scene with a beer. For more information check Google.Reviews. Show options Hide options Additional opti


【☆ぽちゃlove☆】のmixiコミュニティ。 ぽちゃloveで mixi友達作りましょう ぽちゃloveはぽっちゃりさんを愛するコミュニティーです ぽちゃの感覚は人それぞれですけど 3桁の方でも2桁の方でもぽちゃと呼びますよ ぽっちゃりな女性...

Separate the Shrine Visit from the Alliance Agenda Kuni Miyake's Tenor o...

Recent opinion polls suggest that the silent majority of Japanese must have been doubly surprised on December 26, 2013: first by Prime Minis

The next Napa Valley: Northern Japan? Entrepreneur wants to revitalize e...

Even before the 2011 earthquake and tsunami Japan's northeastern Tohoku region was an economically stagnant backwater whose youths abandoned

ハツカ石温泉 石打ユングパルナス

ハツカ石温泉 石打ユングパルナス さんは、このページであなたと何も共有していません。

Social media guide

Internet penetration in France is one of the highest in Europe with nearly 80% of people being connected. There is also an increasing number

The Soul of Japan. info | This site is about food, food, food, and more ...

The Soul of Japan. info. This site is about food, food, food, and more food in Japan. Home · About Soul of Japan · Contact me · Cooking in J


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Winter Hot Spas in Japan's Akita Wonderland

Great getaways in northern Japan. This was shot at Nyoto Onsen at Taenoyu Spa during winter. You can see a group of friends sitting together

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doctor fish! Excellent water.
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134 reviews
Thank you!
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A must-go-to onsen for the onsen lover.
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