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So I’m up at the cabin
working on my new book. Which is not so new anymore, except
in that it’s my latest effort at timeless prose of unquestioning brilliance. Which means you get a blog post. Because, to paraphrase Anne
Lamont, you never know until you sit down to write just how...

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Saw my first . . .
firefly of the summer last night. Ok, it’s not technically
summer, it’s called poetic license and I’m allowed. I get to make up new words,
too. (The picture on it is terrible though. License pictures always are.) I’m up at the cabin again, one new road late...

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I had intended to write
A long, fascinating, witty blog. And in fact, I did write
just such a blog on Saturday. Then somehow lost the entire thing while trying
to fight with pictures and captions. Mostly because the blog is all about the
pictures. Except I had a couple of brillian...

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Seems like…
just about the only time I write blogs anymore is when I’m
up at the cabin. Except for when I’m committing acts of shameless
self-promotion, of course. This morning is no exception. I woke to a sunrise with a
forest fire palate of color, red and orange flam...

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As I may have reminded you before . . .
I'm going to be doing several readings and workshops with elementary schools at the Virginia Festival of the Book  in a few weeks. It's a crafty scheme to get Washed Up in the Waves in front of new audiences. because that's what author...

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Memory . . .
Is an odd duck.  In my 30’s I traveled a great deal, crossing
the country numerous times. Always alone or with my shepherd mix Jessethedog,
(to distinguish her from Jessie the girl or Jesse the boy, naturally) I drove
the back roads, farm roads and ranch ro...

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Big news . . .
Washed Up in the Waves has been selected for the Virginia
Festival of the Book! It’s not all the way super exciting in that I won’t be
reading at one of the bookstore venues. So don’t rush to buy those plane
tickets and make your hotel r...

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I couldn’t make up my mind
What to call this blog, vacillating between “Calvin, if you
are reading this” and “I hope next month is kinder to you.” Then I realized
there’s not a chance in hell Calvin reads my blog, and for a few (very few,
mind you, but a few) of my readers, November ...
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