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Robert “Kelly” Brumbelow
Just a student of History, Philosophy & Theology.
Just a student of History, Philosophy & Theology.
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Folks, you know the drill by now. please do not wish me a happy birthday it is never happy for me and I generally prefer to spend it with only one other individual. This year, that person had other plans, so by the time you read this I will likely have gone to church and be sitting in an air conditioned movie theater so bombed out that I can't drive.

It is basically the only time I ever allow myself to be intoxicated or senseless outside of my home. After all, I am almost always he driver, and I am always carrying, neither of which leads to good things with alcohol or prescription pharma (taken as prescribed)

I am actually looking forward to monday when people realize that many people on campus have been carrying despite what the Governor did, and we as of today will be able to reveal to folks that they have never once seen us unarmed, and none of us have made a habit of killing anyone. But at least now we no longer have to remain silent about it.

3 things today, at least one of which I know several members of my streams will take notice of:

First: The bottom floor of the library at the University of West Georgia is not a quiet space. However, apparently the administration of the +U.S. Coast Guard Acadamy Oaths today was enough to draw the ire of a staff memeber who complained that it was too loud. Sorry but get over it.

Second: Same Library I walked in on a guy in the bathroom having video sex with his GF. Dude, if you really must do that in a public space, wear headphones, et in a stall and preferably use one not on the first floor. Better yet, use a conference room, Better still don't do it in public.

Third was from a few days ago: Just because you are a member of a protected class, does not mean you can commit major party fouls and walk away from things.

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+Shawn Driscoll I know how you think she should be attired, but I just wanted to point out this picture because of our discussions on armour and to note just how terrible this would be as actual armour.

Just look at all those joints and junctions that if struck by a mass would reflect into the woman's body as opposed to away from it.

It almost makes me wonder if a modeling program is out there that has a decent physics engine so one could map the areas on the armour that reflect into the body, if so, cut them away. Would the result wind up being a bikini? Did I just stumble upon the reason why female armour in video games is so ridiculous? 

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+Christine Ullorja has released some new covers. This girl just has an amazing voice with an astounding range. +Nuclear Blast Records listen to her +Nightwish cover surely you guys know some studio that could use her talents. Oh and did I mention she is hot to boot? So voice talent and looks, you guys can develop anything she might be missing.

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I am going to jump in /. style and not only not read the original review, or the reply, but not even finish Rick's reply. Why? B/C I am, as I just said, doing this /. style.

There are 3 issues at least that are frequently encountered with any literary work of fiction being reviewed, most of which precede as doubled or tripled when working with a body as over analyzed as Herbert's original Dune. Actually let me back up and say that any literary work of historical value has the same issues.

The first is putting the work in its original context and place. This is not something I would expect Alex to be able to achieve, at least not at his age. Dune is not a child of the Green movement, it is one the pillars. When it was first published in Analog, it was ground breaking, but, times have changed, culture has changed, fears, morays basic presumptions presumed by the author of the original text have all fundamentally changed. Without a tremendous amount of effort, I can see no way that anyone who was not alive at the time of the original publication could really explore Dune in the original context.

Second is adaptation creep, raise your hand if the original Analog publication of Dune is the only exposure you have ever had to the work. You, yes you in the corner, you are a liar, put your hand down. There have been so many adaptations and revisions that it is effectively imposible to seperate the original work from the Movie, and I do love me some David Lynch despite weirding modules and such, worse still, I was a member of the test market preview of the film which clocked in even longer than the final screen release or the later restored release, or the edited for tv, edited for sci-fi, not certain if there was a different edit for syfy, vhs and even laser disk editions. Those are all of the David Lynch release, not the book. Then there are the mini series, the table top games, the video games and every other release that there has been. How is someone supposed to seperate all of those editions honestly? A literary critic, with a lot of work can, but it is difficult. I have the same issue with works of non fiction as well, and I have studied Hermeneutics.

Universe expansion, like with adaptation creep, universe expansion has a place in the modification of how we see a text. We likely have all read children of dune, god emperor of dune, chapterhouse, maybe even the dreaded Brian (or bryan I don't care enough to check, he is the christopher tolkein of the family and as an ice fan, I despise chris) authored texts.

I said, three, the fourth issue is the inherent symbolism. How many people realize the fremen are effectively the palestinian people? The houses of the landsrad are european powers? Melange is a bit easier as it is a drug that symbolizes the begining drug culture, which we are still trapped in, and may be a reference to LSD in particular.

Lastly are the issues arising from the effects Dune itself has had on literature. Has Dune been done over and over again? Certainly. Had Dune been done over and over again, when it was published? Ah, there is the rub. Dune changed literature, dune changed culture, dune, in many ways predicted the response some are starting to have to the ubiquitous nature of computers. How ubiqitous were thinking machines in 1965? Here is a hint: they were still bigger than the family car. Well not the avarage Mormon, Fundamentalist, Reformed or RCC family car (all of those groups have big families and it is not uncommon for me to see not cars but literal small busses for transporting Reformed families and the dog, disclosure I am Reformed). Again the point is Herbert was able to forsee many things that would happen, including, I hope, the rejection of thinking machines for a resurgence of the human mind, though not nesc because of nooptrics and other drugs.

Ok my comments, uncounted, are likely already longer than what enyone wants or will read and likely longer than Alex's review, which I shall now, in breaking with /. tradition, go read.

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I GM in a shard world and we share distributed plot points. So I almost always have a set of index cards with hooks based on region and date that I can use to grab players.

Since I typically walk platers through character creation, they are already in line with the world, of course the disadvantage is that players do not get to brinjg any character they want into a game, as it has to make sense in the game world.

Advantage: once players get to know the world there is a great deal of flexibility, disadvantage: players have to get to know the world.

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How is she not signed with someone yet? Christine Ullorja is incredibly talented and versatile. 
I am happy to share with you the vocal cover Yannis Papadopoulos and I did. He is always a pleasure to work with!

Filmed and edited by Stergios Kourou (Wardrum)


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+Shawn Driscoll si I am thinking I will buy a and an for my web cam. Then I need to talk to +Glen Hallstrom and see if hecreccomends a microphone and he wants to do some voice acting on the cheap.

+Jonathan Henry your opinion matters also.

I need to be able to interview veterans , read their stories aloud for youtube videos and record my medical experements for irb review later.

Also I need to draft a non exclusive agreement to be able to monitize the youtube videos. We need money to be able to provide vets families wi the support they need.

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Robert “Kelly” Brumbelow commented on a post on Blogger.
I understand people want to tie present fiction to past mystery, but I find it really annoying when events like MKULTRA are referenced. Why? Because some of us really are victims of such programs and the derivatives that ensued and when they are referenced in popular media people start thinking the real victims are somply watching to much TV. My describing my upbrining is unbelievable enough without the influence of pop fiction. Who knows how many more hours I will now spend trying to explain quirks of my childhood like reading upside down text and mentally photographing desk contents plus the facts that my 'classes' suicide rate is 30x higher and drug use almost the same for those who went through the same program in elementary school. Yes I said elementary school.

/flame off

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