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Injury Law Attorney / Tech geek behind

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I do this with my Fitbit and IFTTT. I do quick taps to tell my Fitbit when I'm laying down to sleep, and the same when waking up. It tracks when I go to sleep and wake up (plus other things like number of times awake and restless, although I have my doubts about the reliability of this part) and IFTTT pulls it into a Google spreadsheet. You could probably do the same with Evernote.
In the notion of becoming more self aware and not being able to fool myself, I was wondering what the best way to do this was.

I want to record on a daily basis what time I get out of bed.  On my phone, which I keep by my bed, I can do something in the morning.

I have Evernote and the Day One app on my phone. I also have Drafts and Workflow (which I have yet to use).

I think it would be smarter to have something like an Evernote note appended every day.  That way, at the end of the month, I can review the trend.

I know I can open up Drafts, type in the time, and then send to Evernote but even that seems like more than I should have to do.  All I'm interested in is logging time.

I prefer to use Evernote only because it's a tool that I already use extensively. Although I could use Day One, I don't see an easy way to see a trend over time. 



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I'm able to run my personal Dropbox account alongside my business one, so fortunately I haven't run into this.
TextExpander and Dropbox for business have now rendered sync across devices non-existent without a special dance and script on each computer you plan to run text expander.

They have known about this but nothing has changed that I can tell. Anyone else frustrated by this?

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I use Audible. Worth the money, IMO.
What is your app of choice for listening to audio books on iOS?

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My biggest concern is the 10 month delay between discovery, and disclosure by LastPass.

For some of you G+ experts out there, is there a way to get posts from a Community to show up in a particular Circle? I have a Circle that I use as my primary feed, and would love to get posts from my favorite Communities there, too, so I have everything in one place.

So I just saw the new Captain America movie. Can someone explain why he didn't just call in the other Avengers when the world hung in the balance?

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Pretty cool.
Photographer Maximilian Teodorescu from Romania captured the International Space Station silhouetted against the Moon in broad daylight.

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Canal Lock Recreation Area, near Three Mile Island.
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Over the neighborhood.
2013-05-09 Rainbow
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Yet another new gadget for me.
Don't hunch over that laptop. The mStand can help you keep your laptop at a healthy height. Thank you, +Tony Hue for sucking me into this one.
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