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One year later. 

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Green, blue and pink lights in the sky over Bodø

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Northern Lights in Orkanger, Norway: View 1 

Nikon D-750

Credit: Helge Andersen
Date: August 27, 2015
Location: Orkanger City, Norway

#Space #Astronomy #Science #Aurora #Borealis #NorthernLights #Skywatching #Astrophotography #Art #STEM #Education #Earth #Orkanger #Norway #Norge

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Ingress Sitrep: Norsk Field Trip in the Netherlands
As you probably know, the amount of Mind Units you get for a field differs per region, and one of the major factors is population density.
+Siw Falch (@Siiw) and I (@FiXato) live in #Bodø  in northern Norway, in an area in which a field where each link was about 20km, would yield around 670 MUs, and where Siiw's biggest field was about 60 MU. I have been playing for a bit longer than her, and originally hail from the far more densely populated Netherlands; as a result I've been used to far 'juicier' fields. We both don't have a driver's license, so we mostly play the game by foot or bike, so frequently travelling to more densely populated areas isn't much of an option.

During a brief stay in the Netherlands for family reasons and vacation, we therefore wanted to try and make use of our spare time to get one of the badges that eludes quite some of the players in our usual playing area: the Illuminator. As I've had more time in the Netherlands since Siiw started playing, I'd managed to get my bronze and silver already, but I was still kinda struggling to get gold. Getting bronze for Siiw was relatively easy, especially since we were staying along a canal, which meant plenty of long stretches of open space for wide fields of several thousands of MUs. Even with giving her every field opportunity I had myself, Siiw still lacked some MU for silver, and wasn't even close to gold, and our time was running out.

We needed help! At one of the local farm meetups, we got to know +Miss Staverbeest+Deh Haagh and Bowlingbal, who offered to plan an operation to get us both gold, as they enjoy helping the community (and covering territory under a nice green blanket). 
Sunday morning, 16th of August 2015, Deh Haagh picked us up by car, while Bowlingbal & Odiepoes did the last clearing and linking for the baseline. After clearing 2 blockers on our path, dividing the keys which had been collected for us, and hitting just about every red traffic light we could, we ended up at Station Halfweg-Zwanenburg.

Not being able to park the car in range of the portal, Siiw and I ran out, crossed the two roads as quickly and safely as possible, climbed up the slope and stepped over the metal wire 'fence', onto the platform; not wanting to waste time running up and down the stairs of the bridge across the roads and tracks.
Siiw needed the most MUs, so she got to shoot the first links, netting her 30.196 (21.406 + 7.016 + 1.774) tasty MUs, getting her at least her silver already. After the first fields, we misread the plan though and thought we had to run back to the car to get to the next anchor to shoot the remaining links. Once we got there, we realised our mistake and ran back again, following the now more familiar route ;-)

Once back at the station/portal, ready to shoot the next links, 'panic' hit the Hangout; we were told to stop linking, as the inner fields link we shot, should've been shot as very last.
So, we had to start over with the fielding, or, in the words of the immortal M.C. Hammer: STOP... ADA time!

Luckily we had spare keys, thanks to the wonderful preparations from Staverbeest, DehHaagh and Bowlingbal. After reshooting the first fields, we were unable to shoot the next ones due to new blocking green links! It took a while before we got a hold of the player broekie999 and got rid of the blocker again (thanks to Bowlingbal).

We had hoped that Siiw had reached gold by the time the last field(s) would have to be created, but even after the last inner field was shot, she was at 239.619 MUs, and thus missing about 11.000 MUs. :-( While it would've been doable for just the both of us together on a good day, the team was determined to get her the rest she needed for gold, as well as get me the field(s) I needed.

As we already ADA'd the portal, flipping it again was out of the question for at least another 30-40 minutes. We had to try to expand the field instead for the last mind units for Siiw. Our target was Cow Gate, so we had to race back to the car to try to get there as soon as possible, before smurfs that were alerted by now could disrupt our plans.

Of course, it wasn't meant to go smoothly... close to the portal we hit a roadblock because of a big hole in the road. With no way to safely (nor legally) cross, save for taking a swim through disgusting mossy water, we tried to find a detour to the other side. Meanwhile different congratulations were in order, as @Bowlingbal had reached level 12! :D

Eventually our skilled driver got us nearby enough, and we got out of the car to try to find a way to the portal, which was located on a festival terrain that was being torn down after what looks like must've been a busy event. Equipped with a stack of Join-E.NL stickers in case we ran into someone we would have to explain to what we were doing there, we rushed to the portal to up, hack and link it back to our available anchors to make a nice field of... 8.5k MU.... darn! Still not enough! Siiw wasn't gold yet, and I hadn't even shot a single link yet myself.

In the mean time the station was being attacked by a smurf,@elchaoto. It meant we were running out of time and opportunities, but it also opened a new one, as we still had some keys left to recreate the earlier fields again, so we decided to return to our fielding station. After parking the car and hiding our phones, power banks, cables and any green clothing, we made our way towards the portal, this time via the normal crossing, to prevent arousing suspicion of the smurf who was likely still lurking about. On our way we already spotted the potential agent, standing near a nearby other portal, tablet in hand.

We had to act quickly, but Siiw was out of keys, and I still had the spares. So, we had to exchange keys, flip, up, mod, recharge and link it in a short period of time. DehHaagh flipped it for us, I threw on an Axa to take the worst heat, dropped some keys and Siiw started linking. Meanwhile DehHaagh decided to talk to our opponent, maybe giving us the needed distraction at least.

As Siiw got the field she needed for gold, Deh Haagh joined us again... with elchaoto! DehHaagh had explained the reason for the OP, and elchaoto not only agreed to give us the time to get our needed fields, but even was willing to hand over any keys we needed that were dropped from the destroyed fields from earlier, as well as free up a mod slot for a Softbank LinkAmp to get the needed last outgoing link going for the field that would hopefully give me my gold. Kudos and many thanks for true sportsmanship and cross-faction support elchaoto!

There was some reason to #BlameNIA though, as no matter Deh Haagh did, a spare key for one of the anchors just didn't want to drop. We tried to force sync, walking further away from the portal, putting the key in a capsule and dropping that instead, restarting the app, but luckily eventually it did drop and I managed to get it, and was able to create the field.

Of course, it would've been too good to be true if that last field would've been enough... I was at 249.707 MUs, and thus missing about 300 MUs for my gold Illuminator…! After saying goodbye to elchaoto, we headed towards Schalkwijk, with a brief pit stop at a local Ikea, for the last couple of mind units that had managed to elude me.

We were planning to make a bunch of smaller fields with a couple of white faction portals, but having hacked some spare keys from the earlier train station, I managed to get my gold with the first two I capped; linking them back to the station earned me 488 MUs. After fully deploying the remaining two hospital portals and finishing some more smaller fields and one more bigger one back to the station, we headed to the nearest golden arches to get some much needed food to celebrate a successful OP!

After the OP, Siiw was the #7 agent of the cell, while I was 'just' in 19th place. Trying to get to #1 will be a task for another OP. ;)

Afterwards Deh Haagh dropped us off at Heilig Land in Haarlem for some farming, unique hacks, tasty AP from killing fields and resonators, and unique captures for Siiw, during which we met and shook hands with some random smurfs from Amsterdam, and local frogs.

On our way back home we had to pass the station Halfweg-Zwanenburg again, and I used the opportunity to shoot some more links, of which I managed to finish several again later on along the way, and by foot from a nearby bus station, for some extra AP, MUs and satisfaction of seeing plenty of square kilometers covered by a green blanket. ;).

All-in-all a successful, but most of all very fun operation/day, organised by great fellow frogs! Thanks everyone involved, both frogs and smurfs, for a fun day!

Bowlingbal: (early) clearing, fielding, fielddraw, key gathering
Miss Staverbeest: planning, key gathering
Deh Haagh: driving, key gathering, key distribution, clearing
Siiw: fielding
FiXato: fielding
Odiepoes: early clearing
Elchaoto (RES): being a true sport!

#SitRep   #Ingress   #IngressSitRep   #FieldTrip   #FieldOp  +Ingress 
Ingress Norsk Field Trip
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