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Davíð Þórisson
Emergency physician, tech/IT, social media, #FOAM, Linux
Emergency physician, tech/IT, social media, #FOAM, Linux


Is there ever going to be an Android Wear watch having a circular control like Samsung's Gear?

I'm running into instability issues with latest kdenlive on Kubuntu 16.04 - repeatedly crashing in a fresh project with 2 clips only and doing simple playback/browsing scrolling in clip/project monitor - the window simply vanishes and I have to open up again. Tried various changes in settings but all the same.

Hardware: Intel i7 (8 cores) / nVIDIA GTX560 / 8gb DDR3

and using noevau GPU drivers, maybe that's the problem?

I want to buy new graphics card for maximum stability - can you recommend any for the sole purpose of stability?

What distro should I use for maximum stability of kdenlive?

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Amazing - just amazing
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I never imagined I was going to see something like this: A video of a star bursting in space, illuminating the interstellar dust around it at the speed of light. This is not a computer simulation. It's an actual time-lapse video taken over four years by the Hubble—and scientists didn't know its origin at the time
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Could ulcus and dissection pain be treated with NSAID?

Fortunately the era of Ketamine instead of killer drug Morphine has come to the ED, safely providing relief to patients previously being suboptimally treated and in danger of apnea etc. Yet I think a well established, powerful and mostly harmless drug, the NSAIDs, have been forgotten.

After years in the ED I've more than once misdiagnosed initially and treated "stone pain" with NSAID (IM/IV) which then happens to be an ulcus or even aorta dissection (this was mostly before I started POCUS though!). Interestingly though these patients had good very effect from NSAID only and none were harmed.

Delving into gross pathophysilogy, both conditions are based on inflammation more than bleeding (as commonly seen by greatly elevated CRP in dissection) and as such the powerful effect of NSAID comes to no surprise. The potential harm is only IF they start bleeding...

So theoretically - if we have a state where bleeding risk is none maybe - just maybe - could NSAID be a first line treatment? In the case of ulcus, could NSAID + PPI IV be appropriate even if bleeding can not be excluded?

With ultrasound we have much faster diagnosis and I can imagine the NSAID taboo came from times where you would wait hours for CT results or even have no CT available. Today with POCUS we will often have preliminary diagnosis within minutes.

Before reading this and screaming wildly - please see this as a rant and food for thought and please discuss. Emergency physicians have broken many traditions through the years for better patient care, we should be open for new ideas!

Had my Note 4 for 1 month now. Installed Nova launcher, turned off all non-vital apps, adjusted settings for maximum performance. Yet this monster hardware is slower than my Note 2 w/ Cyanogenmod.

I'm VERY disappointed to say the least. Samsung - have you considered dogfooding?!

And Lollipop developers... you have some homework to do too. What's up with the double lock screen??
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