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Websites created by the team at Fifteen Design should be the yardstick by which all others are judged. 

Lets face it, many of us have dabbled with the idea of creating our own website. But for me that’s where that foolhardy thought stops. Learning hours of coding to create that ‘professional look’ as many firms offer just isn’t going to happen. 

‘Could Joe Blogs do your job as well as you with a few hours training?’ I think not!

In an industry that is constantly changing, you need a team versed in creative imagery, one that can entice that ‘wow factor’ from potential customers. 

Let the professionals at Fifteen Design do what they do best. I cannot recommend a web design company more, fresh ideas, design flexibility, forever asking ‘ What can we do? How would you like?  Making me a part of the process. 

Fifteen Design legitimately deserves their position as one of the UK’s top web design companies and in both my websites created by Fifteen Design I have receive all of the above.

Regardless of whether or not you require a website. Take a look at their work, I guarantee they’ll be the first company you’ll think about if ever you or a friend is in need.

Des Coleman

I've forgotten what Google plus looks like. It’s been that long!!
Where to start..... Lets work backward until my mind melts.. I'm sitting on the bed...whiskey and coke on the side. TV off, the room is sweltering and can't be bothered to tun the central heating down.. Here goes..... Filmed to day at a Toy fayre at the NEC, old figurines of Luke Skywalker going for £5000 one was sold a few weeks back for £18.000. Golly gee!!
Last night I was at the Victoria and Albert museum in London performing at an award ceremony with Jason Manford.. went well and with the run up to the election I'm getting very busy with the Politics show.. Nott’s TV and the other stuff are working out nicely so no stresses at the mo... Work wise I’m busy as per but I’ve decided to branch out into something else, it’s been on the cards for a while but now I’m in the mood. When it comes off in a few of months I’ll b more than chuffed, especially since I'd sown the first seeds of an idea about it 10 years ago..
I'm gonna do a solo performance, a cabaret of music from the 60s 70s 80s at the Spot in Derby in May and I’m off to Shanghai a week after that. 
I wasn't interested in big brother, had a flat on my car, spotted another grey hair, met up with a very good old friend, will celebrate my birthday soon and hope that a young man named Taylor gets into county golf.........
The electric piano is staring at me from across the room... been trying to play it for 30 years.. Shall I? ..... Just glanced at my whiskey...  Yeah, that's the better option.....
Just been downstairs and fetched up a load of chocolate.. ah well..


The past 168 hours have been a blur - Thats a week if you don't want to do the math -  What day is it? It's been a truly fabulous time and a wonderful end to a enjoyable year.  I spent Christmas, Boxing and today in my Onesie, chillin and fillin my face. I've started to watch Prison Break after the pain of final episoding Lost and I'm looking forward to New years eve as i'll be at the Boatyard in Leigh in Sea celebrating its arrival.
I've notice that the phone companies have got lot better in dealing with the onslaught of calls and messages sent on the cusp of New year.  A few years back lines would crash for hours, but not so much now.
I Christmased myself a new Macbook as my old one said bye bye.. 3 days passed until I bit the bullit and popped into the Apple store. I was going transfer docs old style by hard drive but was persuaded on hooking up to the Cloud, so with only two hundred and fifty gig of Flash  I also have two Terabits of the so called - Cloud... 
Can't wait for 2015. I always view it as a new start and i have many an idea a brewing, so I'm gonna make it one of my best years yet....why not? you should too!! Wishing you all a very very Happy New year........

Watching Hitchcock's 'Birds' while typing on my new Macbook Pro.. Haven't posted for ages... ahh well. Love the New Year and all its promise. Bumped into an old friend..always good catching up! Been piling on the pounds over the past few months so i'll be looking after the calories in Jan. I reckon it's going to be a very good year. I hope it is for you...

OMG 9th October was my last post.. I knew it had been a while but that's ridiculous. Someone mentioned that you have to make postings and social media stuff part of your daily routine..doubt if i could do that but i suppose i could try for weekly. Saw Barry Manilow on The One Show and secretly wished i was presenting that day so I could meet him. Fabulous entertainer/showman really loyal fans, a great musical arranger with a back catalogue to rival Bacharach.
Christmas decorations are appearing on peoples houses and the shops are now full of the festive theme. Its the best time of year by far for me and i'm really looking forward to this one. I'm definitely a new years guy, its a time to reset think things afresh and fire up the Mojo for another year of 'lets see, i'll try, why not and yes OK.
Having become a welder after leaving school and completing my engineering apprenticeship  the move into entertainment was a forced choice that came from what many would call a negative situation. But its been an incredible 20 years. And now i've worked in so many areas of entertainment looking back i surprise myself. I'm going start a personal project next year that i thought of way way back, way back in the days when ideas were as common as an intake of breath..... yeah..why not!!
keep smilin....

Another week or 2 have passed by with movement in the affirmative on all fronts... I'm looking forward to the Travis Perkins event which nearly fell through because of diary issues, I attended the RTS awards and although I didn't win bumped into Ian Kelsey whom I haven't seen since Drama school at Guildford, I literally caught and stopped a lady from falling down the stairs as she trod on her dress,  celeb spotted with a cheesy grin strapped to my face and avoided the most horrendous of traffic jams with seconds to go when I left the building. I hosted the SFP fashion show which was a blast - by the way, there is a dress called a Gillete which I pronounced as the blade rather than with the A sound -  provided a good laugh - and hosted another NBV event at the fantastic Quad in Derby. Had a very positive chat about an idea i've had brewing concerning theater albeit in a different guise than usual. All very exciting!!!
I've also started putting together the 2014 DVD of our Rat Pack shows. I do one every year and give it as a present to the lads. The passed couple of years Dave has put it on Youtube... just looked and can't find it but its on my site
The Politics show had me dressing up in 70s gear which was fun but considering most of the clothes came from my wardrobe I've reckon i've got to buy myself some new gear ouch!! Having said that I did buy myself a new suit to host the fashion show!! And I've starting to think about Christmas or should I say that Christmas is being thrust upon me by kinfolk!! 
Good times rise and fall like the tide, trick is to keep sailing and ride the swell. Hope things are good for you all..

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Fashion show at GSA Drama school.. They weren't my pants..How skinny? 

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So that's how it works...if your computer runs out of power and shuts down everything you wrote before disappears into to the ether.... Anyway as i was saying....
I was watching England V Australia in Netball - we didn't play our best - which is a game i've really come to admire. Its a shame that it isn't classed as a professional sport over here as its as popular amongst women as footy..
My week has been fairly full. I spent a fab morning at Robert Sutton Catholic school talking to the students about life in entertainment, its great cause when it comes to questions the students are unbridled when it comes to what they ask.. good for them.
Filming went fine this week. Rob Pittam producer of the Politics show and Working week has got the set ups down to a fine art, so no stress there!' We performed at a private bash in Preston upon the weald moor, which for a small village has the longest name in the UK. I hosted the inaugural NBV Biz ex event for business and I'll be doing the rest of across the East Midlands.
I'm glad to say the the company that designed my website have won yet another award. They'll have to invest in a new trophy cabinet soon and I was invited to Graham Roundtrees' Rugby do at the King Power Football stadium in Leicester. It made a change not to be the host so I sat chatted, ate, bought some raffle tickets and had a thoroughly good time. All for a good cause!!
I keep posting stuff on the wrong Facebook page and still don't know how to answer people but hopefully by the end of next week I will. 
Smile your on candid camera!! where's that from?

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With Winter battering our doors those Lazy Hazy Crazy a days of summer are disappearing fast, like a stain of breath on a mirror.
The perfect time for the heating to pack up - NOT!! - aghhh!! Now i face those empty 5 hours between 8 and 1 awaiting a gentle man or a gentle woman to tap on my door leg it to the boiler and work their magic by raising the Titanic - Titanic in this sense being the heat.
I sent a video testimonial to Fifteen design for them to put on their website, they then mixed it in with other clips and made it into a showstopper check it out.  Des Coleman Client Testimonial
And as the rain beats a familiar tune outside - I think its Wake me up b4 u go go -  I'm thinking of the past few days. In Middlesbrough we played at the year anniversary of a venue where i wanted to shrink wrap the owner put him n my pocket and carry him around with me. What a fun bloke, total joy to work with!! I filmed Notts TV and the Politics show and i won at Golf..ha ha.
Later today I'll b driving to Henley on Thames for a Rat Pack show. It's at the Kenton Theatre in Kenny Lynch's home town. All those old variety stars form the 70s and 80's will be there...can't wait!!!  Back tomorrow as i'm voicing an advert in the morning.. I'll be drinking lots of water.. (Insert smily face here!|) Enjoy!!

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It amazing because for years I never understood the buzz about golf. The Ryder cup or any of the other golfing tournaments meant nothing to me. Then a few months ago I finally agreed to attend one of these pro/celeb events and boom..I was hooked - or is that how i play my shots - The only comforting thought though is that the professionals too make mistakes which gives us all hope. In a few weeks i present the first of the NBV Biz Ex events, they look to be a huge success with 25 companies signing up already and thats with out any publicity. They'll be happening across Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire and i've literally got off the phone to a wonderfully well spoken lady from Travis Perkins who has asked me to host their annual event. Some info for you, 'They employ 25000 people and own Wicks.'
The summer seems to be lasting forever and i'm certainly not complaining although i did go int the garden the other day and prepped it for Winter. 
I spoke to Ollie at fifteen design who created my website and we're looking at something that we believe many would benefit from so roll on the next few weeks.  
Funniest answer of the week came when i interviewed a lady for the  Politics show. I asked for her thoughts about the High Speed Train coming through the area. She looked at the shops, the pavement, the street, the cars and finally the pedestrians and said. " It'll never fit down here" Classic!! 
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