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Greg Gennaco
Twenty something college graduate and a cool dude, looking to break into the I.T industry sooner or later!
Twenty something college graduate and a cool dude, looking to break into the I.T industry sooner or later!
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Hello everyone. It's been several months, since I updated my Google+ account. I have been reading, an unbelievable detailed and updated book (put out by the Smithsonian and Astrophysicist Martin Rees) in the field of Astronomy. The nice thing about this textbook is, it takes you on journey and helps to you to understand the Universe will live in, in context. It approaches Astronomy/Physics as whole, using concepts and assumes the reader's Math background is limited. The illustrations are beautiful and detailed. It covers almost every topic, from a detailed view of the Solar System, Star Formations, Galaxies, and touches upon Cosmology. It's a MUST read, for any hobbyist or even amateur Astronomers. With Amazon Prime, it's nice and affordable way, to add it to your book collection. 

On second note, I plan on updating my blog again for people who enjoy reading it, in the foreseeable future. I am brainstorming new topics. It has proven to be difficult, after a few years off sadly. I look forward, to getting back into the "swing" of things, sorta speak. Stay tuned. Enjoy the Spring (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) also. Take care! 

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Hello Google+ users and most likely nerds. This is my first post of 2016. Over the course of my year long absence from Google+, I have taken up Amateur Astronomy as a full-time hobby (in addition to the traditional I.T "gig" and other stuff I do). I recently got a subscription as a gift, to Sky & Telescope Magazine. There are several publications out there, that you can subscribe to, to keep up with Astronomy as whole. Astronomy Mag is one and this is another. Both publications have been in existence, for decades. 

Often times, you now read about Astronomy on social media, but it helps to paint a clear picture and to understand, what you are looking for and at. I linked to the Smithsonian Institute reference book, last April to cover that aspect. Sky & Telescope is great to subscribe too, once you have a decent grasp about how Astronomy works as whole and want to keep up with the field. I recommend getting a subscription, which is about $40 a year. It's cheap and well worth it, if your serious about Astronomy. ;-D

My goal this year AGAIN, per usual is to try and work on new blog entries. I will make no guarantee's though. Sometimes life, get's in the way. Either way, I recommend checking this out in your own spare time. I hope to post again soon. Please check back occasionally. Godspeed and try to enjoy the spring weather, if you live in the U.S. Take care!  

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Hi, Google+ users and nerds. After a long and eventful Spring and Summer, I have returned. Props to Google for the new logo changes, after fifteen years. They are spiffy! I wanted to update my Google+ account, to bring attention to the new recent media alliance formed. The "Alliance for Open Media"  is great for content developers and providers especially. It keeps everyone in the industry on the same page, working on the same problems. 

Open media has been a hobby and passion of mine, for about ten years. Tackling how we consume and mashup media on the web, is an extremely important computing problem that's got more complex, over the last five years alone. Cisco Networking Engineers believe streaming video, consumes about 40% of all web traffic now! that's a STAGGERING number. It will only grow higher, over the next five years and beyond. 

Most content providers are looking for new ways, to deliver media to consumers. That' includes companies and organizations, like Mozilla, Netflix, Google (YouTube), and Amazon Prime Video. Robust open-source video codecs, with low-latency and support via Dynamic Adaptive Streaming, have become the new "norm". One of the goals of the "alliance", is to tackle those problems head on and find ways to increase efficiency, while advancing the technology. If you are a content provider or developer, you should strongly consider joining the alliance at some point. 

On a side note, my goal is to continue writing in my tech blog some point in the future. I don't know, when that will be. I aiming for a new update, before the end of the year. Stay tuned! in the meantime, have an excellent Fall and enjoy the pure joy of the "interwebs". Later! ;-D 

Hello, Google+ers and fellow "nerds". I have taken a much needed, six month sabbatical from Google+, to get my life in order (having recently graduated with a college degree). After taking a year off, I plan on writing at least a few new entries, in my Google blog, next year. I look forward to exploring new topics (for anyone who is interested in reading it still). In the meantime, enjoy the holiday season! (especially those who live in the U.S and abroad). Take care! ;-D

Happy spring everyone! (well, at least if you live in the U.S and Europe). I have been busy for the last couple of months and have not had time to write a new blog entry. I am looking forward to writing in it again soon. The 25th entry alludes me right now! It's probably not going be technical. It might be music/entertainment related. Anyway... if your still out there, thanks for being patient and keeping up with my blog and my Google+ updates. I will be back eventually. Take care ;-D

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Carl Sagan's words are even more true today, then they were twenty years ago! People should always be aware of the enormous power the media hold's in all forms e.g (T.V, Internet, writing, etc). It's astonishing! 

After a three month "sabbatical" away from Google+, I will eventually get around to writing a new entry for those of you who believe my blog still can be informative! I am not sure, what the twenty fifth entry will entail. I am brainstorming some new topics to write about and when I have something that readers find informative, I will not hesitate to write a new entry. It might be technical and have to do with the latest and greatest in open-source apps or it might be a non-technical entry. If (at this point) your still reading I appreciate your dedication. That about covers everything. If you have any questions or ideas don't hesitate to comment! Thanks. Take care. 

Hello again followers. I do not have time to cook up a new blog entry for you, for the the month of October! I will try to write a new one for you (time permitting) that you might consider relevant either way slightly before Halloween or a little bit after, but there are no guarantee's! I look forward to writing again soon. In the meantime,  "Stay thirsty my friends" (as the Dos Equis guy would say). Take care! 

Hello followers and blog readers. I have updated background (Now my blog really does look a blog that belongs to a malfunctioned droid!). Also, I added a Contact Form so people can get in touch with me, if they need to see a post updated or need more information.  A new October entry will arrive probably in about three weeks or so. If your a U.S reader, enjoy the start of thirty ones days of the Halloween blitz! I will be back soon. Take care! ;-)

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Never EVER going to happen! Two reasons why I can think it won't... The first is all of these companies (including the beloved Google) are just doing it to get users angry over privacy concerns off their back. The second reason some of those surveillance request MAY potential compromise the national security of one or more countries. Remember what I said a couple of days ago about countries spying on one another? That doctrine hold's true even here! I will leave it up to the reader to think of two reasons why this "might" work, but I just don't see it happening! SORRY! ;-d. 
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