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2000: procedural notes
I haven't used this space in a while so I'll be posting some procedural notes on a small project of mine. I'm going through the films of the 2000s year by year. I'm working to be select and concise. Here are my starting notes for the year 2000. To See: Dead...

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Hidden Figures (Melfi, 2016)
My first theatrical experience of 2017 was an interesting one. I wasn't all that interested in seeing Theodore Melfi's adaptation of Margot Lee Shetterly's nonfiction work of the same name. Hidden Figures sits at the nexus of my least favorite strands of co...

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Ohayô (Ozu, 1959)
My first film viewing of 2017 was a long overdue rewatch of Yasujirô Ozu's Ohayô aka Good Morning . The fuzzy, compressed transfer of the Criterion Collection DVD takes me back to a very specific time and place when I "discovered" Ozu, Japanese cinema, and ...

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Year in Review: Favorite films of 2016
 Top 15 1. Sully (Clint Eastwood) 2. Journey to the Shore (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2015) 3. Elle (Paul Verhoeven) 4. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Extended Edition (Zack Snyder) 5. Shin Godzilla (Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi) 6. I Want a Best Friend (Andrew...

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Year in Review: Top 30 Discoveries
In the name of posterity here are my favorite 30 film 'discoveries' of the year. For scale, I watched roughly 200 films this year. I'm not crazy about the idea of ranking such diverse cinematic experiences, so I wouldn't take the numbers too seriously, but ...

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Certain Women (2016)
(2016) dir. Kelly
Reichardt Film Science, Stage 6 Films, IFC Films, Sony Pictures Worldwide A long static
shot of a train in the Midwest—Montana it is—and that cinematic refrain at once
recalls the names Lumière and Benning. Its
quality is dec...

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Peaches and Cream (1981)
CREAM, 1981 dir. Robert
McCallum (Gary Graver) Select-Essex From the jump
drive inserted into my bluray player I conjured the pulsating images of a
compressed AVI file, diligently ripped from a rare VHS tape by a collector. This
film is brought ...

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Batman v. Superman: Perspectives
The onscreen introduction of each costumed hero is framed through a specific point of view; each is obscured at first glance and requires processes of clarification. For Batman, Superman takes the longest and Wonder Woman the shortest (the re-assemblage of ...

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NBC Coverage of Men's Springboard Qualifiers
Notes from watching the
Men’s Springboard qualifying on NBC live (8/15/16)   NBC does not show all of
the athletes. They show only two other countries and the U.S.
athletes. These other two countries are not simply the highest ranked during the qualifying p...

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Lethal Weapon (Richard Donner, 1987) Cool surprise! Police hand drivers ice cream instead of tickets ( The Today Show , Aug. 5 2016, original video by Kevin Landis)
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