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Great Divide Nature Interpretation
Guided walks, hikes and snowshoe trips in Lake Louise
Guided walks, hikes and snowshoe trips in Lake Louise

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A Sesquicentennial Challenge
2017 marks Canada's 150th birthday. And since everybody loves big round numbers, we'd wager that right now, a whole bunch of Canadians are trying to come up with bucket lists involving the number 150. And Banff is getting in on the action.  Yesterday marked...

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What is your home... river?
When it comes to defining "home," many an ecologist would argue that what really counts is your watershed - your home river. Why would that be? The local geography of a watershed is a logical boundary to use for land management. For example: water is a real...

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Yesterday, 323 Golden Eagles flew north over Mount Lorette, in Kananaskis Country, southeast of Banff. If that strikes you as a very specific number, it is. And that's because for exactly twenty five years, dozens of keen volunteer bird watchers have been c...

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What's with all the Snow Mushrooms on the Fenceposts?
If you've driven between Banff and Lake Louise this winter, you've probably noticed the big globes of snow on top of the wildlife fencing posts. Or, if you've been snowshoeing with us, you've seen even bigger piles of snow on stumps or broken tree tops How ...

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Bison are Back in Banff!
In late January, at the Ice Magic competition in Lake Louise, one team of carvers had the prescience to sculpt a life-size bison in clear ice. I looked at that frozen figure, and thought to myself, "in just a few weeks, you are going to come to life!" On Fe...

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Ice Magic, 2017 Edition
Ice Magic, the international ice carving competition, returned to lake Louise this past weekend, and the sculptures were, as always, beautiful and captivating.  Here's a few of our favourites, captured yesterday as dusk turned to night. The carvings usually...

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A Year in Panoramas
We got a new little digital camera at the beginning of the year, and it takes great panorama photos. We love it, and it allows us to capture the grand scale of the Canadian Rockies.  Here's a little look back at 2016, from the widest angle: 1. Crowfoot Moun...

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The Great Pipestone River Ice Jam
We live about 50 metres from the Pipestone River.  Yesterday, in only a few minutes, the river went through a dramatic transformation: a giant battering ram of water and ice scoured the river clean. The force was enough to throw blocks of ice the size of po...

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Rocky Mountain Art Breaks Records
Mountain Forms , Lawren Harris Ninety years ago, in 1926, Lawren Harris painted his iconic Mountain Forms just down the road from us along the Sawback Range.  One week ago, this same painting sold at auction for over $11 million, smashing the price record f...

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The Animal Rodney Dangerfield
The golden-mantled ground squirrel doesn't get much respect. It was true in the 1950s and it's still true today.  These two videos prove it, and wow... looks like our attention span has gone from over 10 minutes to a mere 26 seconds! Squeak, the Squirrel (1...
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