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Are Android people easier to anger than iOS people? (Or is it just me?)

So, yesterday, we announced +Stuck On Earth, and the first version is only iPad. Yes, we have plans to build Android, web, iPhone, etc in the future, but the kind of comments I got were often downright angry. !! It was so surprising.

I got comments like, "NO Android App available? Marketing Fail." and "Android!!!!"

Now, maybe I am just too sensitive about this because it is my baby… and I've worked so hard on it and put so much love into it… I can barely stand the slightest critical comment. It eats right into my soul. I dunno… maybe some of you know what I mean.

Now, I can tell you with ontological certainty that making a quality app is HARD. It takes a long time and is expensive. Remember, by the way, this app is free. Ask +Kevin Rose about building apps. I've never met that guy, but I know he puts as much love into his work as I do…

When I gave a sneak peak a few weeks ago at the +Jason Calacanis LAUNCH event (where we were awarded Audience Winner! thx!), I was up there on stage by the eHarmony guy. Their app is equal in quality and polish to ours, and Jason speculated that it could have cost over $1 million, and I don't doubt it!

So, if you are going to spend so much time and effort on something, you simply have to make choices on distribution for the biggest market and the best user experience. Here, today, in November of 2011, it's clearly iPad for a map-centric discovery app like this. That is why the best apps in the world are on iOS - because most everyone has arrived at the same conclusion as me.

And perhaps this is the root of some of this latent anger I feel from Android people -- that they are just tired tired tired of all the best stuff coming out on iOS. And yes, many apps are also good quality on Android, and there are ports of some of the most popular and this sort of thing. But, generally, I feel like Android people often feel generally put upon. I know that my friend +Lisa Bettany is also getting a lot of this "internet hate" from Android users because her Camera+ is not available on Android. Converting apps is a real pain and expensive! It's taken us over six months and an embarrassing amount of money to convert "100 Cameras in 1" to Android, but that should be out soon.

Now, understand that I am an Android user! Yes! I've had an HTC Android phone for the last year+. It's great. But I use my iPad for apps. I LOLcats lurve that thing. I think Android has a good chance of catching up in the next few months and years, so that is why our plan involves converting the apps to this platform. So, anyway, I know many Android people are disappointed… but, rest assured, I empathize and we'll do what we can. :)

Video below: a talk with +Robert Scoble of +Stuck On Earth that we shot a few weeks ago... when he got the inside scoop :)

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So my late night surfing is logical (if not healthy...)!

G+ is email done right, and should be the death of it.
(as Twitter for SMS and Facebook for watercoolers ;)
ps. if anyone can source other similar thoughts please post
- or should that be 'send' them...?

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"Then once by man and angels to be seen,
In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die."
The Kraken, Tennyson

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Free haircut to whom ever can translate this haiku to a limerick:
Euro zone bank stress test calculator to calculate how the Target core Tier 1 capital ratio and sovereign haircut levels affect the amount of capital banks need to pass the stress test.

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now to find a way to evict the neighbours :-)
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