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I'm looking for any color giant jester hat besides the "Rare" one. I'm offering a purple short collar. User is Tigercat45 comment if deal.

Is there any place online to get animated versions of the member emotes? Or only the static ones?

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Hello! I'm here to tell you about the Animal Jam Subreddit. It's a place for jammers to chat and share their creations.

If you're interested in becoming a moderator for the subreddit, click this link:

If you're not interested in becoming a moderator and just want to check out the subreddit, click the large link below. All you need is a Reddit account to start posting.

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The Non-Member Problem

For most of Animal Jam's history, there has been a debate centered around non-members. What should AJHQ give players who don't give them money to support the game? There has also always been the request to bring back beta items, because many people didn't get to experience the beta.

I believe that I have found a good solution to these requests, that in the long run won't cause AJHQ to loose money.

What are some of the most iconic items in Animal Jam? Ones that everyone who's played for 6 months would know? Beta items. The Animal Jam wiki has a page listing every beta item. Wouldn't making it so that every player could use beta items be large step in "bringing back the beta days"? One other perk of this is that they are all very generic, making it go well with the small house.

(One thing AJHQ could do along with this is bring back many icon beta items for a weekend. They would have to make sure not to destroy the rare economy though!)

* Unlock all beta items for non-members.

Although I'm sure that would make satisfy most people for a while, there IS more that could be done. How about we unlock content that members don't use much anymore?

With dens that cost gems not being released anymore, I believe it's time to open up some more options for non-members when it comes to dens. The tree house and volcano are the best fit here. They are still somewhat small, but offer new options for decorating.

* Unlock the Tree House and Volcano dens.

Lots of member only animals are barely played. Before giraffes were unlocked to non-members, they were almost impossible to find around Jamma. I think that if one or two more animals became available to non-members, we would see a large increase in variety. The obvious candidates are the Rhino, Elephant, and Crocodile. Crocodiles would instantly be a big hit, but it would be tricky to choose between the Elephant or Rhino, since they both have a reputation of looking horrible. I can't decide which would be better.

* Unlock the crocodile, as well as the elephant and/or the rhino.

So yeah, that's my idea to keep non-members happy for a while. Please tell me what you think.

(also den music please thanks)

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I heard that some of the random junk in my inventory is finally worth something. Is that true? Any offers? (Also, the golden phantom is representing the complete set. I have all of them.)

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I've recently brought the Animal jam subreddit back to life and put a fresh coat of paint on it. If you are 13+ and would like to join our small community, please do!

If you are under 13 you can still view the subreddit, but you will not be able to post or upvote.

Hi. I'm trading a blue fox hat, happy cat hat (leap year hat), magenta top hat, and rare giant paws for a complete set of top hats (the ones that came out over the weekend). My username is Tigercat45.

I'm happy to add other items if needed.

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The Animal jam Spirit Blog has posted about the new update. Check it out!

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My newest Masterpiece! What do you think?
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