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State of Haskell, 2011 Survey. It's time for this year's State of Haskell survey! Like last year I'm trying to figure out. where Haskell programmers "come from",; in which domain...
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One important domain which is missing is modeling/verification. It doesn't quite fit into any of the other categories.
I just added an "Other" option so future survey takers can put whatever they want in there.
Johan, hi! Can we communicate via gtalk, skype or other IM?
Sure. I won't have time in the next few days as I'm moving.
I found network package on github that I should build. So I haven't questions now. Good moving.
Looks nice. I think you got one of the Jenkins $variables wrong as the command being run is: cabal install -w --only-dependencies --enable-tests --reinstall (Note the missing ghc version after the -w flag).
I should look into these failures. Probable culprits are the recent IPv6 patches by Kazu. This is why having continuous builds are great. We'll catch these issues early. Could you post the exact instructions for setting up the build bot on Windows somewhere?
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