It is March and thus time for a new Toy Photographers G+ challenge. We are working away at picking a winner for February but I wanted to get this one out to you so you have as much time as you can. It is time to,


I will tell you upfront, I think this challenge is going to be hard. I am already nervous about doing it myself, not even including proposing it to you to try as well. But, I want to learn about myself and how I view my art, and I want you to do that as well, if you are so inclined. So I'll go first.

One of my biggest fears about my art is that I'm not contributing anything original to the collective body of work that already exist. Sure I'm going out and creating photos that don't already exist, but what am I adding to the knowledge of toy photography that people don't already know? Anything? It is something I think a lot about and much of the reason I hang around places like this community. I think that technical skill will get you far, but I'm not sure technical skill will ever be the reason a toy photographer actually adds something to our collective knowledge, to our philosophy.

So, for this month's challenge, I'm asking if you will photograph your fears about your own toy photography with me. That's it. Think about your fears about your art, and photograph them. EASY, RIGHT? If you choose to participate, the normal rules of our challenges apply. If you want to share your fear with us, cool, if not, you can just submit the photo.

What's the point of all this?

For me, as an artist, I believe.... Hope... That by photographing our fears we will venture into areas of photography unfamiliar to us. I already expressed one sort of philosophical fear of mine to start this post, but here is another. I'm often afraid that my photos aren't sharp or clear enough. I spend probably too much time trying to balance the clarity, sharpness, masking, and luminance sliders in Lightroom. The image for this post reflects that fear. I have intentionally created an image that is hazy, unfocused, not sharp.... And, I really like the result. This photo could also represent my fear of being unoriginal because it is just a single Lego piece.

See, it's all open to your interpretation. I hope you'll join me on this quest to photograph fear.


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