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Letterhead or Stationary

A letterhead does not only represent your company but you can use it to project your image. It`ll really helps you to show your standard and serious involvement of every employee in your business. It`ll really make good impact to your customers and make them realize to come again. An application letter, personal letter or any important data printed on a blank paper has no value in front of blank letterhead. Although the material is most important but a professional looking letter head shows urgency and importance to whatever is written on a paper.

A simple, bold and attractive design with a neat arrangement of company name, logo and slogan and contact information is called a letterhead. It’s very much important that your letter head should match with your logo and font of company name must be same as you use in your billboards or in any advertisement. In short you have to design complete color theme so that`s your company projects an image with pride.

Don`t be cheap with your logo. Don`t try to make it until you are a graphic designer. Hire a professional graphic designer or do contract with any designing firm. Mostly homemade designs result in lost sales.

Stationary is one of the most visible parts of any business. Stationary includes; letterhead, envelop, note pad, business card and CD label. And always remember your stationary must be seen and kept by your customers. It`ll definitely shows the way of your business.

These things say a lot about your business. It`s an important and cheapest thing of building and showing the standard and image of any organization. There are different types of qualities are available but using cheap one is bad for your company. Do not use much expensive quality papers but higher the quality, higher your image and higher the image, higher the rate of your customers.

Make sure your stationary matches each other. The color, fonts, styles and arrangement should be same. It will show your seriousness and working standard.

Now let’s see what things make your stationary most attractive and professional:

01. Use color ink, black and white looks good but not professional.
02. Include the following text;

a. Company name
b. Complete contact information
c. Branch addresses
d. Web addresses and emails

03. Paper quality: If expensive papers are not affordable, do not use cheap but standard.

Remember, any letterhead document from company should come from a company of higher image. The letterhead is an evidence of that. Letterhead should not be used for just anything. It should be used for only official purposes. Anything written on the letterhead will reflect the involvement of company and its employee.

To make letterhead more professional and most attractive make sure there should only one plate made for it so that the line spacing, size of fonts and other specifications must be same and your letterhead must not different from each other. Do same with others like; envelop CD labels, note pad and business cards.

Telephone numbers, license numbers, branch addresses and other important information should also be correct and not misleading. If your address and telephone numbers was changed the letterhead should be changed accordingly. It is much killing moment for your customers if they call at the given numbers and no one give an answer of it or the number has already been discontinued.

A letterhead shows that the company is serious about its business and happy is assisting their valued clients. It’s a silent way of representing your company to clients. It’s also a type of advertisement of your company and will attract more clients, may be referred from your existing clients. In fact, letterheads increase your clients list because of its professional look and would surely impress them. Design a letterhead now best suit your company.

You`ll purchase these items one by one as you need them. But, the most best way is to order them at once, so that way printer prints these in a discounted price.
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