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Slide to Unlock :D
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I assume they would find that to the right of the door after the break in :)
You should hide ur key on the right side of that mat :-P
Still trapped, didn't work!
one day. one day
Looks like a patent infringement to me :)
Watchout Apple lawyers might be on G+
I hate apple products but tht is petty cool
i badly want it...where am i supposed to buy???lol ;)
the Neonode N1M was the first phone to have slide to unlock, a whole 2 years before the iPhone, it ran WinCE
Seems impossible to slide on a mat ^^
now i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's awesome! it would even be more awesome if it'd actually worked! haha
I hope that doormat is paying Apple's patent fees. ;)
Hmm, 2 slides for finishing the job!!
It should be touchscreen so you have to slide to unlock to open your door!
Apple and the owner of house at court by this time tommorrow..
Hah! Love it soo much... I want one!
+Jasneet Singh
Watchout Apple, lawyers might be on G+.
Watchout, Apple lawyers might be on G+.
This is why we use punctuation marks! :)
Shouldn't that have a Pat No. on it? :-)
nice one got to get one myself lol
Apple should sue the carpet manufacturer for IP violation.
take a pic of it on your ipod and its like "slide to open" inception
After you slide the mat do you have to input your 4 digit passcode on the door?
Slide to power off....then the door is closed forever
the children may slip to the right side follow that word ^_^
I sense patent infringement.
technology could just a door step ahead mat ,unlocks d door while dusting d sole
every blonde needs one of those in their house! :P
wat a gr8 mat that culd cum in handy
You know, I did slide your doormat and I did unlock your door because I found your extra house key underneath it. Just sayin'! Oh and I ate the last of your Cheetos. Boosh!
this is soo cool i need one of those so i could keep my sis out
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