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Women are we Born to Run- ADHM after thoughts
Lalita Babbar broke the national record at
the   Airtel Delhi Half Marathon by
finishing it in   1:10:52 around 6 minutes
after her Indian Male counterpart.   I
wondered when I read the news whether if she could beat that time. That got me
thinking on woman...

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Dont Drive past- Just showup
I work out in   the
evening, not a morning person at all.    Yesterday
like all days I got my gym clothes in the car and planned to do the usual,
until of course I realized I will be delayed at work.   So somewhere during the course of the last
meeting I de...

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This years running and the injury
The year has been a roller coaster ride for my  running . I started the year planning to get on the running wagon completely with planning out my race calendar for the year. I may have gotten ambitious by deciding on the Boston qualifier as well. It doesn't...

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Boston marathon and my falters
Today I started working out after the new gym after a huge gap of 4 months. There were the in between runs and marathons but nothing consistent. To add to it all the vacation time I binged.  I thought I would do Ok and 4 months wouldn’t have made a differen...

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Musings of an empty mind
This is not a fitness post just my empty mind playing games I always
wondered what it would be like to not be corporate horse. When the kids are
away at school and I have the whole house to myself how would I feel having
time on my hands. I got a taste of i...

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Bangalore Pinkathon 2015 - memory to cherish
My first marathon for the year was the Pinkathon Bangalore
2015 on the 22 nd of Feb. I had almost decided not to run it, but
thank god I did. It was the most liberating experience to run   with 11,000 women from different age groups
and strata. The month of...

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Not Drinking Enough Water - Are you Stupid?
The title of the blog is no pun intended. A study revealed that even a little dehydration can decrease your mental acuity by as much as 30%. That explains a lot of the stupid decisions that I have been making. Seriously,I am not joking. I have been told a z...

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Thank you 2014
Season Greetings all my lovely readers J I know it’s been a long period of silence before this post
and I am sure someone out there must have missed it. Let me be honest, I was
lazy to go on writing. But I am back again to write the last post for the year. ...

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Look what the cat dragged in
Hello , look what the cat dragged in ...Me.... Wow its been over 6 months from the last post and of course a year has flown by. So without much adieu "haapy new Year" to all my readers and blogging friends.I know its weird to wish you'll mid of April, but w...

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